Guided Trip Rates

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Guide Trip Rates

Full Day 2 Anglers$500.00
Full Day 1 Angler $450.00
Half Day 2 Anglers$400.00
Half Day 1 Angler$350.00
Walk and Wade 2$375.00
Add. Angler W & W$100.00
Bass and Carp Trips$500.00
Rowing Lessons$250.00

All prices do not include 8.3% sales tax. ALL TRIPS INCLUDE RODS AND REELS, FLIES, LEADER, TIPPET. Full days include a lunch. Lunch can be added to half days. Up to 6 anglers on walk wades. Up to 2 boats for group floats can be reserved.

Description of Trips I am a licensed , insured, independent fly fishing guide. The Yakima River is my homewater where I learned to fly fish and guide. I work for myself, when you hire me for a day of fly fishing you are supporting a small local business that I have built and grown over the past several seasons. I offer a fun experience where I get excited when clients hooks fish, we learn a lot, and anglers leave the trip with more knowledge to help them when they fish on their own.

I have spent the past 10 years fishing and guiding both the Yakima and other waters and activities. The flies we use on my trips are hand tied so you are getting unique flies, and guide flies that no shop or other angler has. I’m a firm believer trout eat things they don’t see in a regular basis and I’ve got some flies that can prove it! I run Hog Island Drift Boat and I row the river slow and methodical, to give anglers and clients more time to work the water on the Yakima. The Yakima River has around 1000 fish per mile…so spending more time working the water has produced some amazing fishing for my clients.

I love to teach and work hands on with my clients. I am known to hop out of the boat and net fish 20 yards down river, I hoot and holler and get wicked excited when fish eat, and I have spent years learning the intricacies of the Yakima River and Fly Fishing for Trout. I invite you to come experience fly fishing with me.

Full Day Trips are 8 hours and Half Day Trips are 4. My Walk and Wade trips are 3 hours.

I offer a standard lesson rate of $45.00 an hour for up to two people. Lessons will be on the water unless otherwise specified. Lessons can be or will incorporate: entry level casting and presentation, in depth water reading, advanced casting techniques, entomology, fish habitat, and general trout knowledge transfer from teacher to student. I also teach fly tying and we can arrange tying sessions via email.

Need more boats!? I partner with the best guides around to offer multi-boat floats and double boat overnight trips. Bring more friends riverside! Limit 3 boats, and 2 Anglers per boat.

I can also speak or teach at fishing clubs, TU Chapters, and other fly fishing related stuff. I am a board member for my local TU Chapter and I am very active in conservation on my homewater.

All trips include flies, leaders, and tippet, necessary fishing accessories such as split shot and indicators, etc. I have rods and reels for client use and clients are more than welcome to bring their own gear. I can arrange to have waders and boots for anglers for your trip for the cost of the rental.

Taxes are not included in the rates listed, tax rate is 8.3%.

A credit card is required for a deposit (unless other arrangement has been made). I charge a $150.00 Deposit at the time of reservation. When a trip is scheduled a confirmation email with details is sent.

Cancellation/No Show Policy
CANCELLATION POLICY: Cancellation or re-scheduling of trips or class attendance must be done more than 5 days before a scheduled date. Failure to cancel or re-schedule more than 5 days before the trip may result in forfeiture of deposit, fees (or vouchers). Classes (not guided trips) must have minimum numbers of students or they may be rescheduled. During the colder months it occasionally occurs that classes of trips do not achieve these minimum numbers but we will do our best to reschedule your class or trip at a convenient time for you if this occurs. Expiration dates will be extended in this situation. Give me a call, fishing can be flexible!

NO-SHOW POLICY: Guide will wait for 25 minutes past the meet time. If you do not arrive within that time your trip will be forfeited. Give me a call!

I accept all major credit cards, Cash, Check, and Money Order.


6 thoughts on “Guided Trip Rates

  1. Hi Nate: I hope your winter has been good for you and your family. Two questions How long does the $275 offer last. I’d like to book a trip with you on March 1st if it is open.

    Second question is are you still planning onto tying me up some October caddies and you dry crane fly?

    Let me know on both please.

  2. Thanks for the response Nate. I really look forward to fishing with you this season.

    Thanks doing the flies and see ya on the 1st of March.

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