River is gonna drop!

According to the BOR the salmon pulse will begin its downward trend today and into Tuesday. Hurray!  Fishing the drop can be wicked. I’m hitting it tomorrow to see what’s up!  Spring Time Flows Baby!  Fish are spawny, they just got pushed around, they gonna be hangry.

I have the 7th and 8th this week when the river will drop hard!  I also have the 12th, 14th-16th open!  The last Skwalla Special Days up for grabs! 

Aww ya!


Skwalla Holla

It’s almost here. The river is gon a spike this next week, then simmer, the weather gets warmer. I smell spring…and troots.

With some schedule rearranging my last open weekend for the Skwalla Special Rate is April 17th.

I have lots of weekdays open!

I will be out of state from March 27th thru April 1st travelling to California before the season really ramps up!

So get your weekdays booked up quick before the Spring Season fills up!


Last Weekends for Skwalla Special

Skwalla Holla!

Hello Anglers. The skwalla hatch is almost here and the spring fishing is literally weeks away. Super stoked.

As of right now I am running a Skwalla Special through April 15th. For $325 2 anglers share a 6 hr float with a lunch. The following weekends are all that’s left for the Special.

March 7th and 13th and the 20th.

April Skwalla Special Weekend Dates left: 3rd and 4th.

I still have plenty of weekdays open but those dates above are the only open weekend days for the special.

See ya riverside anglers.


Skwalla Special 2021

The time is almost upon us!  3 to 5 weeks from now the Skwallas will be popping, fish will be smacking, and trips will be running.  Get on the calendar for the 2021 Spring Season on the Yakima River!  Call, click, or message to book a trip before they fill up!!!

I hope to see you this season! Its been a rough year getting here and I can’t thank you enough for your continued support. I wouldn’t have gotten to 2021 if it wasn’t for my clients!

Lets make 2022 a bitchen year anglers. Cant freaking wait! Stoke is very high.

See ya riverside.


Here we go.

Well…2020 is over. I can’t say it was the greatest. I had a lot of crap and a few good things happen. I’m glad its over and we are that much closer to the trout fishing of 2021 commencing.

As January starts off the countdown to the season starts. I usually start fishing a handful of days in January and when February rolls around its back to a few days a week and guiding starts in March typically. Probably earlier this season to get a jump start on making up for 2020. But before that happens it’s gotta snow.

The snow pack is starting to fill up. We have one of the largest bomb cyclone storms spinning in the Pacific right now. Its bringing some major weather systems our way setting up for some major snowfall in the highlands. We are expected to get nuked with snow this coming weekend.

As the snow pack starts to fill up and the extended forecasts and weather modeling comes out for the next 3 months the early season starts to show itself. What kind of spring run off events we will have, how warm or cold it will be. Starting to guess when water temps will start the warming trend. When bugs might start migrating and hatching. When the spawn might start. All these things and more start to become clearer as the snow falls, the science comes out, and my needy brain starts to plan and prep.

I want to be dialed in this season. And I am preparing for a busy busy year. I am already starting to take early season reservations. As the forecasts come in I will have a better handle on when things should start rolling. But anytime after March 15th and we are typically good, expect for the occasional high water stuff. Maybe bad weather but that’s spring fishing.

Big trout, pre and post spawny fish, bugs starting to hatch, salmon pulses kicking up baitfish getting the big fish to chase meat. Getting dialed back in, feeling the river and finally getting back to being riverside with clients. Still probably gonna be masked up for a bit, but we will be fishing!

Its been rough for the first half of the offseason. Fly sales are low, the craptasticness didn’t just dissappear, money still tight, but its the downhill side of it all. Booking trips early helps a lot. Its already starting. Those deposits make a big difference after 2020. I’m really looking forward to the season. Getting back into the groove, riverside with my regulars, and meeting new anglers and clients as the season progresses.

2020 is over and having a more positive and productive mindset for 2022 is how I am trying to start it out. Things are still tight and slow. But its gonna get better. Flies are for sale, be patient with me they will all get sent out soon. Spring trips are ready to be booked and have already started. If you reserve before February 15th I’m knocking 25 bucks off the trip price, which is basically the tax. So reserve early!

Bye 2020

Hope to see you all riverside safe and healthy. This pandemic is still not over but there seems to be some light coming up. Might be a train or the end of the tunnel. I’m going with the latter. I hope your 2021 starts off well. Books trips! See ya out there anglers!!!


Halfway….just about.

We are roughly 8 weeks or so into the off season.  Or the midpoint. In 8 weeks I will start to get a lot more fishy.  The boat comes back out regularly. I am riverside 4 plus days a week, plugging back in, and getting prepped for the guide season. 

This off season has been shit.  However, I will say lockdowns and quarantine have made cabin fever easy to bare. Broke as hell but honestly that’s not new being a troutbum and all. My previous blog post made it out like I was at this shit alone and I am not. I’ve have someone through it all, its private not a secret. But I have been good off river life wise, all things considered. Not seeing my kids has been the shittiest part.

I got a lot of comments and messages after that cranky blog. It was more venting the frustration and exhaustion. And instead of unload it on others who have their own trials and struggles right now….just throw it up and let the internet eat it. The biggest frustrations are work related. And there ain’t shit to be done until the new season at this point. Just stuck until the thaw.

Its the halfway point and usually I would feel this cabin fever riddled drive to be out. But 2020 sucked most of that out. I sleep. A lot. 10 to 12 hours some days. Hibernating like most other off seasons. But its quieter during the pandemic. And the exhaustion has taken its toll. And you can sleep through things that otherwise cause stress that cannot be fixed until the world gets right. So much outta my hands at this point. Sleep now work later. Or something like that.

While overlords argue about 600 bucks and cake, I just wanna make sure that I keep the internet on so I don’t have to sit with only books and flies until March. At this point the only thing that seems to fix shit is ourselves. So I get to wait until I can fix it the only way I know how…with trout and a boat. Thankfully we are in this together and there is help there. Its not all bad…its just sucks in general.

The midpoint of the offseason is usually a harder hurdle. Just not this season. I am in a hell of a hurry to get back to it in 2021. With a recovery plan in place for my business from the first trip to the last of next season. I don’t have a lot of faith in a national or even state economic recovery plan as this will be my third economic event in my life. Many of us are gonna have to get creative with making up the deficit of 2020. If trying to get relief during this shitshow is any indication….ya…its gonna be by our own bootstraps and on a community and local level. So getting the mind around what that might look like is essential moving forward.

The trout and the rowing take care of themselves at this point in my guiding. The nuts and bolts of the operation…troot and people….that shit is locked and I’ve worked very hard to get there. This pandemic changes how the business side looks. And with the surge in social media and its necessity for success in the 21st century business model driving a lot of what makes or breaks you…2021 is going to be a busy year to say the least.

So ya, I’ll sleep through a lot of the offseason. Because I can. Normally my body needs it but I think my mind needs it more this year. I’ll share time with the few people I can. I will prep for the offseason, and hold out like the rest of us. Still living day to day and week to week, still worried, but ready to move forward.

So ya, chill out. We all allowed to get mad bruh. Vent, sleep, try and see the good shit…watch Mandolarian…holy fuck! I mean we are all friggin’ stuck and its not like the headlines are making us feel any less stuck. So ya. Get ready for 2021…see if we can do a little better….(shy unenthusiastic yay, from the crowd). Fingers crossed. Let the countdown to trout begin.



Survival…not a word many of us use on a daily basis.  A concept that we as a species in many places no longer have to worry for.  This pandemic has changed things and the meaning of that word for many.

Like the species we chase, constantly in survival mode.  It is the entirety of a trout, salmon, or steelhead, or any fish, life history….survival.  From egg, to fingerling, to adult, spawning, it is a journey of survival.

Like the fish I chase, I find myself in survival mode.  The toll the season or lack of one due to the pandemic has come due.  Scrape enough to get this order finished, get that bill paid, send that order, wait on this one, push that stuff back another 2 weeks.  Its been a constant struggle juggle since the lockdown back in the spring.

With news coming from WDFW about new rules on the West Side and Peninsula fisheries I am worried for my guide colleagues and friends, other business owners, and the like.  On top of the pandemic the added stress of our fisheries management across the state only exacerbates everything.

Thinking ahead, survival is still the mode I will be in.  I see a good 16 months to recover from this debacle for my business.  Looking ahead I am also thinking its time for a change in things.  With the very likely probability that salmon and steelhead fishing opportunities will continue to diminish places like the Yakima will receive added pressure.  This season showed that in full swing.  When the Peninsula stuff shut down during the summer we had a massive influx of guides and anglers unlike I have seen.  It made me not wanna guide here this summer. Just a lot of pressure and people.  And I am not the only local guide that experienced this.  But its going to happen as things change we in the industry have to as well.

I’ve gotta get outta here in the summer.  Like what I attempted on the St. Joe last year.  Guide somewhere else during the summer months. Put pressure on a watershed that has regulations and plenty of days and a need. Go where I’m needed and can do what I love. Great thing about this gig…its done wherever fish live.  I never intend to only every work and guide here. Idaho, Montana, at this point I don’t care. Still wanna add southern fisheries in the winter and early spring but that will have to wait again. 

This winter gives a lot of time to contemplate and plan.  Its also a time to sell flies.  Its the only thing keeping me going right now and its light AF compared to last winter.  Flies pay bills, keep me from buying flies during the season, and keep me from going absolutely bonkers from boredom…which is already setting in.  With covid, and the shit happening on the other side of the mountains fishery wise I have opted to not chase steel and salmon at all this season.  I had hoped…but no.  Can’t afford it, don’t really wanna chase it, and this just doesn’t feel like the time to get more into it for me, honestly.  I don’t have to worry about return numbers on my homewater.

With the winter setting in, and the long waiting just beginning shit is gonna get tough.  Cabin fever and me don’t agree, and this season feels like one giant cabin fever session in many regards.  Trying to look forward to the next season is hard.  I have gotten so accustomed to playing things week by week, looking further out seems foreign.

Trying to look at early reservation specials for spring trips, but also try and push bookings for later in the year.  Fill the calendar before it gets here.  Hopefully a winning strategy as we start to come out of this pandemic. Which we hopefully will as the vaccine comes out; but not before we have more restrictions and social distancing it seems. 

There’s a lot happening to our industry right now.  Many of us are hurting, like me and friends and fellow guides.  Many are worried they won’t get a winter season in, like many of us this spring.  When guides are hurting so are the anglers that frequent their boats. Its hard for a lot of people right now, every client that came out has been impacted by this professionally, finacially, and or personally. Many I didn’t see because of those impacts. None of it good. So flies aren’t bought, shops don’t have patrons coming in, guide days left open.

So support your local guides and shops when and if you can. Book trips early, buy flies and gear. Check in on them, throw support at their social media, it all helps and makes a difference right now. Its a long haul to 2021 and the summer when things might really turn around…we gotta stick it out.

I hope to see ya riverside when this is all over. Hibernating and surviving through the dark winter until then anglers.


Tis a fish

Every season I find a fish. Or better put…my fish.  Every year I scour the river from top to bottom…mostly up top…in search of a Yakima River Trout that will test me.  I find several of these troots each year.  I keep some for myself but I mostly put others on them.  I do this because these are some of the hardest trout to trick.  If I can get clients to trick them…then I know I am groovy. 

If you’re a client, these are the fish I warn you about.  The troots with names, that live in really prime lies. the ones I go back up river for. These are the fish others pass by and leave for their days off or for more experienced clients.  No matter your experience level…I will give you a shot if you listen.  These are the fish you don’t see…or barely see.  The kind of troot, tricking is only the first hurdle.  Landing them takes more skill and typically team work. If you’re a client you know these fish.  Only land 40 percent of these trout anglers. The odds are never in your favor.

Clients are one thing.  I am still an angler at my core. So I take the opportunity with a few of these trout.  I have one spot in particular that has tested me each season for the past 5…this year…2020…I finally found success. 

The Cle Elum is no longer a secret.  You can blame me.  I keep sending people to it. But if you’re not experiencing these places why would you care about them.  I love the Cle Elum. It is one of my favorite wading rivers in the late season.

There is a spot, not hard to find. Up river from the bullfrog tiny house bridge. The river goes into the trees and flows heavy and fast up against a cut bank with overhanging limbs and snags. There used to logs in there but they moved out. Which may explain my success as I have broken fish off under the logs in this spot more times than I care to admit. There is video over the seasons of me battling and losing fish in this spot. Like I said. 40 percent see the net.

There is always a large trout here. Its a prime lie just large enough for a small pod of 10 to 14ers or one really big 18er plus. If you’re lucky the big one is there.

The water is tricky. Its compact. River is only 25 to 30 ft wide. Deepest spot along the cut bank is 4 feet. Just slow enough along the substrate to give a cushion for a large trout to chill and eat, safe from predators and within travel distance from a deep slow pool down river. It’s money. There are overhangs and snags above and below the river surface, faster water that others may pass later in the year looking for that walking speed water. But rainbow trout…big ones…like that fast water when its 48 degrees or warmer and it was holding right at 50 in late October.

I came to the spot last. Knowing the fish would be most active after 2 pm. Knowing I only had about a 45 minute window that the fish would be really active I waited for that window. I nymphed as there was no bugs after 2, I was hoping to pick some off with BWOs but alas that was wishful thinking. A pats stone nymph in a size 8 coffee and a small size 16 tungsten bead mayfly nymph. Nothing fancy.

It took 4 presentations. When the indicator slid into the slipstream of the current and hovered slightly on the edge of the fast water near the edge of the small bucket that formed along the bank that cut in slightly….it went down hard. Then went down river and I saw the flash of the leviathan.

My heart fluttered and my body flooded with adrenaline. Immediately feeling the power of the trout and realizing I had put myself right back into this situation like so many previous seasons in this spot. I focused, played the fish coaching myself the same way I coach my clients. Shit works. The fish came into the net…and finally after seasons of trial and error…success.

Tis a fish

Even an experienced angler like myself finds challenges and has skills tested and honed through troot. The Yakima still tests me. Learning and becoming an angler on this river will put you on the fast track to becoming a good angler. My clients that started as noobs are a testament to it.

Those trout that test you, make you come back for more punishment, the ones that teach you as much as enrage while also enriching you. Angling is one of the only activities that does that. After 16 seasons chasin trout on the Yakima I still find myself enthralled by the wild trout that reside within her waters. After 6 years of guiding full time…I still seek out the challenge of those trout and the clients I get to introduce to them.

Tis a troot out there for ya anglers. Tis a troot that is the culmination of your efforts, the time, the patience, the trial and error…coming together and locking you into your epitome of angling at that time. Cherish those moments, those fish, and what they mean to you. Think about where they come from, what they’ve endured up to the point of the battle with you. Ponder your own journey to that moment. Both on and off river.. Two species meeting one another…its not a trivial thing and is so much more than just a big trout in your hands.

See ya riverside anglers.



Its a tough one at times to be thankful and happy this off season. Loneliness, something I think many anglers and especially guides feel…pandemic or not. Many of us are more lonely than we have ever felt this year. Being away from loved ones, sacrificing time…which we only have so much of, to try and be safe and responsible during this crazy shit.

I am comfortable with the loneliness. We is tight. From my personal life to my professional. Doing things more solo now than I ever have. But is it really?

Yes I haven’t spent time with friends and the few people I consider family. I didn’t guide or fish with people and share in that with near as many as I normally do. It has taken its tole. But despite the pandemic, lockdowns, losing money, and not getting to do what it is I love and enjoy to do positive things have come about.

Personally, the pandemic has made me have to get my feet under me quickly after 2019. Knowing I am a shenanigan magnet I couldn’t be two steps behind starting this spring and I had plenty of help from those closest to me getting my feet under me before this shit set in. I will forever be grateful for people like Troy, Pat, and John. And to those thank random check in on me. Even when I don’t respond. You know who you are. The texts at weird hours, the phone calls outta nowhere. I thank you truly.

The pandemic hit and things went to shit. But riverside there is always stuff and things that happen. Like rods breaking, lack of supplies, broken trucks, fucked up trailers, uncooperative fish, weather, flows, what have you. The normal ebb and flow…testing ones patience ever more during the pandemic. Battling riverside shenanigans is something I am rather accustomed to so I dealt with it.

But that pesky off river stuff is relentless. From the financial strain came a new slew of problems I was unprepared for. But money is easily fixed with more money….just gotta make it. And when this is all over I have no doubt I will get that sorted. Time and money solve a lot. And there will be a decent recovery period for everyone when this finally starts to be over.

I miss my kids. We have sacrificed seeing each other a lot during all of this. I keep a lot of that close. Stings. But they are safe and we will see each other when this is all over. Just weird. Really fucken weird. Thankful they are with loved ones and safe during all this.

Car broke down, had so much help getting a new one and getting it road worthy. I can’t thank Bern and the crew at Rally Tuned in Cle Elum for their help getting me rolling again this season.

I had my gal bladder try to kill me. And I wouldn’t have gotten through it without the help of someone really special to me. Many know I met someone just before the pandemic hit. Through all this I have been fortunate to have someone like Kearstyn come into my life. I wouldn’t have made it through the surgery and to be honest, this whole pandemic without her. People come into your life when you least expect it and not always the way you anticipate. Finding a persom that compliments my weirdness, vibes with me, and brings happiness everywhere with them is someone I am very thankful for. Thankful isn’t enough word for it.

I have much to be thankful for this season. Health is a big one. My clients continued support and patronage. The people I consider family, my friends. Even though things are distant that connection and that gratitude is there.

I miss you all. This will be over soon. I hope you all have found things that make you happy, connected with those in your pandemic bubble. Be safe, spread love, and be grateful…be oh so grateful. There is a lot of loss and turmoil out there right now. Many people are missing loved ones at the table this year. Many aren’t seeing loved ones so they have a seat next year.

Be safe anglers. See ya riverside soon.