Yakima River Update

Wild Trout Matter

My beloved Yakima River is on the precipice. Water temps are not cooling below 65 degrees in some sections of the river. Water temps are topping out at 72 and above in the lower end. We have another set of hot days in the forecast with air temps reaching 102. The river flow is scheduled to drop by over 500 cfs in the next 7-10 days. If you are not already participating in voluntary #hootowl fishing I encourage everyone to start. 

As a TU Guide and a Conservation minded angler I will stop fishing once water temps hit 65 degrees. I will continue to guide the Upper Yakima River while conditions still allow. We are getting reports of dead fish throughout the whole system. Another TU Guide and myself will be floating the river to confirm dead fish and collect data this week in multiple areas of the river. We want to have facts and data, not sales pitches and false reports. 
Please use a stream thermometer when fishing and follow good warm water fishing techniques. Stop fishing at 65-68 degree water temps. If we want to be able to continue fishing the Yakima River for years to come we need to take care of her and the trout now. If we don’t…It will be too little too late and these wild trout may not be here in the end. 


One thought on “Yakima River Update

  1. On behalf of Trout Unlimited Climate Change Workgroup, we thank you for your leadership and outreach on your recent blog post on the Yakima River’s temperature stress.
    We share your concerns and are working to create awareness by all 155,000 TU members. Climate Change Awareness is one of TU’s 8 Critical Focus areas.
    Jeff Witten National Leadership Council Climate Change Awareness Workgroup Chair

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