River Report 4/25/16

Hit the river in the wind today. Wind was brutal with 30 mph plus gusts and 15 mph sustained but we still got it done. The fish are eating before noon and after 4pm. Salmon fly nymphs seem to be the main course and March Browns and Caddis as the sides. Fish are eating pheasant tail and soft hackes for MB nymphs and the LaFontaine Pupa both shallow and deep water have been working. 

Dry flies aren’t happening yet as much as we would like. A few. The MB hatch is amazing but the sunshine seems to keep fish down in the afternoon. We need some clouds. Salmon Flies are hatching in the am and I’ve had one fish hit the dry but that should pick up now that things seem to be really starting. Salmon Fly Nymphs are staging to hatch with groups of them under the rocks and structure along the banks. It’s coming. 

Fish are fat, every one we are catching has got swollen bellies. They are hot when they get hooked. Running and jumping. 

It seems that the river is back in shape and fish are starting to cooperate and look up. 

I’ve got availability on the calenda so give me a call or send me an email and let’s go chase some trout. 


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