River Update 6-4-16

The Teanaway River was absolutely beautiful today. The fish were spooky with the sunshine but they are in there. Be wary of where you walk…there are some spawning steelhead and large trout still in the system. I did meet our local WDFW enforcement while guiding, good to see them out and about up there. The water temps up high were 54, the Teanaway confluence with the Yakima down low was 61, so it’s a little toasty down low. Play and handle fish accordingly please. 

The Yakima has settled down a bit after an increase in flow for irrigators and this awful heat wave. Air temps go back down next week and there is cloud cover and rain in the forecast for next weekend…otherwise known as perfect dry fly weather. I have openings next week and weekend but they won’t last long, give me a call and get on the calendar, the Golden’s stoneflies are just getting started, and drakes are coming to the upper river.  

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