Happy Guide

Being a guide you get a myriad of people and skill levels when it comes to clients.  I love the process of finding that sweet spot when it comes to boat tempo each day.  Every set of clients is different.  Each day presents a new way of getting into a groove with people, river, and trout.  Some days are super laid back, no tunes on, just the quiet sounds of the river, a fish zinging some line, a laugh, and the sound of a high five.  I have days where very little is said between me and clients but in all reality nothing much needs to be said on those days. There are these very in tune with whats around kinda days.  I enjoy them just as much as the days where shit gets crazy.

There are days where I spend the better part of the morning teaching and working with clients, and then by lunch that groove shows up, and all of the sudden everything just  clicks. Days when I have newer anglers, I pride myself on being able to get that groove going.  It’s what I am striving for everyday, because when it happens, that’s what being on a guided trip is all about.  There are also days when you just don’t mesh with people too.  Although it doesn’t happen often, maybe once a year.  The trick to being a good guide, I have found, is being good with people.  It has less to do with fishing in the end. Days that turn into a grind, are only that way because you let them.  On days where things aren’t jamming, I just do what I do, put people on trout.  That’s usually enough to get things grooving…I mean that’s what we are there for…chasin’ trout.

Then there are days…when things just get a little crazy.  You meet clients and instantly there are good vibes, things click right away, and the day becomes this smooth ride filled with great conversation, good fishing, smiles, high fives, handshakes, air born trout, and general good times.  I am fortunate that most days turn into these types of days.  I am a high energy guide so I like days that keep things moving and are fast paced.  When fishing is on, and you are dealing with trout every few casts…I love that stuff.  When you are in the middle of some conversation and the trout interrupt it with an awesome display, then as soon as the trout is released, the conversation picks up like it was paused.  I get comments from clients about it all the time.  I warn people that I won’t stop talking all day if they don’t say something.  Most days I am asked questions upon questions which is really fun.  I spent a lot of time learning all kinds of stuff about this area for a reason.  People wanna know that stuff.  What bird is that, why do salmon do that, whats the name of that mountain, what about this river, have you fished that lake, why do the bugs hatch at this time, why did the trout hit the fly like that, why are we fishing this fly, damn dude how’d you do that!?, what about this cast I learned?  All and more.

I also have a lot of stories and tales of music, hiking, bears, samsquamches, trout, Alaska, Montana, parenting, life, off grid living, living on the river.  I also love to listen to stories.  That old school social networking, where you would just converse with people.  Sometimes over a campfire, or in a driftboat, or standing in a riffle, there is nothing like just talking with people and learning about them and them learning about you.  You develop a tangible relationship, and then when you meet again on the river…it just picks up where it left off.  It’s not just a facebook like, or a instagram heart…its a few fellow anglers, ya know…being people…sharing a river and some trout.

As the season really ramps up, I look forward to sharing days on the river with new clients and regulars.  The river is in great shape, fishing has been really good, and the hopper fishing is starting up.  There is nothing better…in my opinion…than a day on the river, with good conversation, good boat tempo, some high energy trout, and a few high fives…hope to see ya out there.




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