September Availability


Alright!  Fishing is really turning up for the fall season.  This next week the river will settle after the flip flop, the salmon will show up in greater numbers, and the hatches will begin to come off on a schedule throughout the day.  The time to come fish the Yakima River is upon us.

There are a lot of options, from Full Day floats, Half Days, and the Walk and Wade, which is my personal favorite.  Walk and Wade trips during the fall season on the Yakima are really fun, cost less, and give anglers who want to DIY a chance to learn access points and wading and fishing techniques that will up your game.
I have 10 days still available in September as of today.

Friday the 9th just became available.

I have the 11th-14th open still, and these four days are looking to be prime fishing weather.  Possible peak of Crane Fly hatch and start of shortwing stones.

The 23rd and 25th, and the 28th-30th, October Caddis should be showing up buy these dates.


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