It’s the Apocalypse…too bad its not trout season.


So…for some the end of the world is nigh, for others…its no surprise, to some its the lesser of two evils, for others its a notice its time to get a passport.  But no matter what, today…right now we are all Americans….so f’ing act like it.  And that’s all we are gonna say on the matter.

Because politics and trout fishing should never mix….like ever.  I am so relieved that I no longer have to dodge that conversation in my boat.  No matter what side you were on, I was in the damn middle, listening to it while trying to enjoy fishing.  I didn’t like it, and now that part is finally over for me.  The only issues I care to discuss in the boat are those that have an effect on trout and where they live.  I don’t care what party you support neither side is doing anything close to right for the environment and I would like my kids to still be able to breath and have places to hike and fish when they have kids.  There are a few unwritten rules of fly fishing…one of them is…No Politics or Religion on the river.  If a trout doesn’t care about it…neither should you during the act of fly fishing…leave that shit at the car.

This all being said…it would be nice if Election Day wasn’t Nov. 8th, and was in freaking July or something…at least then it would happen right in the middle of trout season.  Now I am forced to think and contemplate things while playing video games.  Not exactly the most constructive way to do any critical thinking.  While I could go fishing this time of year…I don’t really want to…which brings us to the real reason for the blog.

The boredom has set in.  It is now the offseason.  We are into the month of Novembeard, mine is doing fine by the way, and the winter is coming in.  Leaves are gone, downtown Cle Elum smells of wood fire smoke and burnt coffee beans.  The days are short but bright.  I enjoy the late mornings on the stoop, with a smoke and a just as bored dog at my side.  It takes a little getting used to; being off river and at home every day.  I had over 200 days on the water this year.  I have spent more time out of the house on the river in some form this year than I have at home.

Fly tying is on the agenda.  Although I am slow to get to it.  The trout season burned me out.  Especially the last part.  I stacked trips from August-October.   I cashed out right on time with the river though.  I fished everyday once I stopped guiding…the fishing slowed progressively each day.  You can go catch a few still…they might smack something on top down low but you can trick them with a worm, pats, or midge nymph pattern.  Fish the slow deep stuff.  Hope for trout but expect a whitefish 6 times out of 10.  Winter conditions.  Other than that I really don’t have much to say in the way of fishing.  This season was f’ing spectacular.  But most people know that from my FB, Instagram feed, and this blog.  No…I am fished out…with little or no desire to chase a trout now.  I caught a lot of really nice trout last month.  Both guiding and personally.  I am ready for snow.  I am ready for a slow pace to life.  Just not ready for the boredom that usually accompanies it.  I have plans to combat it.  Getting my tying stuff up and going strong.  A lot of books picked out to read once the snow falls.   Video games, my only other hobby really.  Chasin’ some mountains on the snowshoes and skis this winter after a long hiatus.  And getting ready for next season.  There is a lot happening next year, I’ve already got bookings on the calendar.  It’s shaping up to be a good winter so that should mean a good year for water and trout.  If next year improves over this year….whooo….shit ya.

The blogs will start to come more regularly as the boredom settles in.  The flies will start popping up on Instagram more.  Enjoy the offseason my friends.  You might even see me over on one of those coastal rivers this winter swinging for steel for the first time in a long time.  Hope to see ya riverside.




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