Pre Season Update

So…the snowpocalypse has subsided. It’s still snowing here in Cle Elum and we have roughly 18 new inches of snow over the last 36 hours. The snowpack data isn’t in yet but my guess is we’re are close if not over our 100% annual average. 

This was yesterday


This means a few things for the upcoming season. This snow has to melt and go somewhere. That means the lower river is going to be a runoff mess for a lot of the spring. I expect 10,000 plus cfs to come out of the Teanaway this season. Flooding will happen this year. And Ringer Access in the LC is going to more than likely be out of commission for the better part of the year.   
This means that spring fishing will be all about hitting the sweet spots. When the weather and runoff align and give Anglers a handful of days every other week where the fishing is stellar. I will communicate those windows accordingly as the season starts. If you want to fish the spring it might be a year where its a last minute call saying “The river is perfect who wants to go!?” So be ready for that. 
I will post daily reports as we get rolling here in the next week to 10 days. We have 35 degrees in the forecast later this week…with rain…so it’s gonna get wicked messy out there over the next 2 weeks. Cle Elum has a few feet of snow on the ground and I expect it to still be here through March. As access points become open I’ll let people know. Also keep in mind that the upper river may have a lot of new deadfall and debris in it this season due to the super cold temps, heavy snows, and flooding. So make sure you check to make sure floats are clear before you hit a stretch of river. 
There’s a lot of ice that still has to make it’s way down and I suspect that this warmer weather this weekend will make for some crazy ice jams. We are still 2 weeks out it looks like before things start. So…tie up those flies, go ski, sled, snowshoe, and/or snowmobile…because winter ain’t over just yet. 
That being said…I am going to ski down to the river tomorrow and sling a few streamers. Mostly just to see the river with all this snow before its gone.


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