26th-29th of September Open

I’ve got the 26th – 29th still open for this month. We’ve got about 4-5 weeks of fishing left before things really ramp down here on the Yakima. 

The month of FISHTOBER is here. The dry fly fishing is amazing, the weather is great, the wading is perfect, the smoke is gone, and the mayfly hatches are here, as well as craneflies, October Caddis, and streamers are picking up fish on the swing. It’s time to chase trout and my calendar is almost full for this month and October is filling in quick. 

Reserve a day with me in the water, it’s all good, walk and wades, half day, full day floats.  The upper is fishing amazing right now and the lower will be in great shape soon as it cools down and the hatches start coming off. 

Call, email, or yell at me on the river, you can also hit the Reserve Today tab in the menu. 


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