The End is Finally Here…and I’m already bored.

Well anglers, the end of the season is here.  I took my last trip on October 26th, after 150 plus guide trips this season and man was it a good season.  Of course I would like to thank everyone that came out and took a trip with me and supported the little guy with no shop or big operation.  My clients fuel my passion for fly fishing and I hope that I inspire them to chase fish outside of the handful of trips they take with me.

So the end of the season is here…and I am already bored.  If you’ve spent any time with me on the water you’ll now I am a high energy busy body.  If you’ve hung out with me at the house on a day off you know that I don’t like to sit still and being couch locked only has its appeal for a few days before I become restless.

I used to chase mountains.  Their peaks, their trails, the outcroppings overlooking the world; the trees that covered them and the wildlife that call them home, I used to adventure far and wide searching for those moments of pure awesome, the moments that area concoction of fear, intimidation, excitement, adrenaline, euphoria, and wonder.  The mountains called to me and I would answer.  After so many miles and too many accidents I stopped chasing the tops of mountains and decided to go for fish once again.  Trout specifically, but these days I find that trout are presenting less of a challenge to me.  Much like the mountains lost their allure, trout have lost their shine for me personally, and while they still present a challenge for me as a guide, I find that as I have gotten older I have a need for higher doses of awesome in my life.

This is why this will be my last season only working the Yakima River.  I will always guide the Yakima, it is home and I have just about maxed out my days here.  With only around 170 days of workable river and weather conditions, I have tapped out here on the homewater.  So its time to add and expand.  I need something new to chase.  I need something that intimidates me, scares me, makes my whole body pulse with adrenaline…because at heart…I am still an adrenaline junky.  Something I can tap clients into and have them get the same sensations and fulfillment from angling with fly and rod.

I have chased salmon and steel, but in reality they are either just big sea run trout…or hatchery bred cows that serve only one purpose…which is to fuel a commercial fishing market that has been floundering for years.  And after spending some time on the west side again this past year, and researching into what fishing is like out here in Washington for salmon and steel…it just doesn’t appeal to me.  Especially fishing on the gear/bait saturated side of the state when you only want to swing for illusive fish.  Yes I am elitist and I know it.  
Freshwater species are no longer on my radar for new things.  I have the southern warm waters on my mind.  I have slowly begun delving into the world of Redfish, Tarpon, Snook, and other fish that frequent warm coastal southern waters and have a hankering for big flies on big rods.  Something that is out of my comfort zone, something I know little about, but that passion and desire to learn, explore, and my need for a new adventure are all driving me south.  This will be my last winter bored as I have plans to make the trek south this spring and then make semi annual trips south chasing new fish species and hopefully guide anglers for those fish in the near future.  That being said I still have this winter to deal with.

This winter I will be revamping my business.  New logo, new media content, new YouTube channel with fishing vids but also the lifestyle side of things, which is what I get more and more requests for.  I will also…be tying this winter.  Here over the next week or two I will have a select handful of my personal patterns up for sale throughout the season.  I am also looking for a place to teach fly tying this winter and will have dates for classes available for sign up as soon as that comes through.  Finally, I will be doing live videos of tying sessions this winter as well.  So look for scheduled tying events and join me.

The last thing I am currently prepping for next season already is an ALASKA ADVENTURE!  I am currently looking at several lodges in Alaska for a week long trip with clients and myself to chase those crazy Alaska fish.  It has been years since I have been to Alaska and I am looking forward to spending time with clients in that wild place once again.  So keep an eye out for info on an Alaska Trip with my beardy face for next summer as I finish up the details.

So there we go.  I have had a week off, I’m already bored, and we literally just got done.  The blogging will kick back up here this week and I will have one out once a week if not more for the off season.  I will have tying classes available as soon as I lock down an area to do them in.  I will have flies up for sale on the website, instagram and FB for anglers.  A new revamp of the businesses media and outreach is also happening.  Plus, and Alaska Adventure with clients next summer to break up the trout fishing and give clients something new and exciting to try.  When the fishing stops the business has gotta keep moving and I don’t like to sit still.

I hope to see a few of you out there on the west side chasing unicorns and that with something other than a 5wt.  Thanks again everyone who came out and I can’t wait to get back to it next season, and to add and expand and make the adventure bigger and better!  Thanks again.  See ya out there anglers.





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