ALASKA Bound 2018

This off-season I have been putting together an Alaska Adventure for late Summer 2018.  Its something I have been looking forward too since my last stint in Alaska.  Alaska is amazing, and I am excited to host a handful of my clients on a week long adventure of fishing for multiple species throughout the wilds.

Now, I ain’t your fancy pants kinda guide, we get after it, we rough it, and we do things ourselves.  If you’ve gone on a trip with me I am very hands on and we work as a team.  Alaska will be no different, just with a bigger group.  The lodge I have selected is exactly what I would be looking for as a client.  A Do It Yourself, sleep in cabins, on an island in the middle of the river, with boats to access the area, and a communal kitchen so we can all enjoy the time in between fishing over good food!

Seasons On the Fly Lodge is situated on the Kvichak River.  You can only get there by boat.  It sleeps 8 comfortably and there is hot water and a fully functioning kitchen.  This is awesome as if you have ever been to AK, just eating up there can get real expensive.  Did you know orange juice is like $15 a gallon up there!  The lodge gives a few creature comforts, but its all about getting after it…hard.  So its isn’t some 5 star resort, its Alaska, the way its meant to be.  We will have access to Hog Island Skiffs to use to access water on our own.  We will be hiring a guide for a day or two as well.  The lodge and boasts several species of fish to chase including, Grayling, Big ol Rainbow, Northern Pike, and of course a few species of Salmon…silvers and sockeye….mmmmm.

The lodge is located on the Kvichak River south of Iguigig.  We will fly into Anchorage then fly into Iguigig where we will be picked up via boat and taken to the lodge.  We will be bringing in most of our food as well as gear to save on costs.  The nice thing about this is I will be taking care of all the leg work for those who fill the 8 spots.  I will handle everything and have packets and itineraries for everyone.  I will set up flights, we will put together a menu and gear list and make sure everyone is covered, all clients have to do is show up, enjoy the ride, and fish.

A week stay per person is $2995.00.  I will have a packet ready shortly with details on costs for food, airfare, and the other pertinent things for an Alaska Adventure.  Considering the average price for a week trip in AK is around $10,000, this is easier to manage.  That base price includes access to boats and fuel for each day of fishing as well, which is awesome.  Last time I was in AK just getting around and eating got expensive…damn fish live where only boats and float planes can go.

I’ve spend the better part of the month looking for places that would offer an Alaska Experience that I as a guide and business owner could be comfortable with sharing with clients.  I also have several good references on the lodge from people I have fished with for years and have been told time and time again a DIY place with access to boats and fishing on foot is always a more rewarding experience.  Not being tied down to guided only stuff is a huge thing in AK.

So, Alaska 2018 is happening!  I have 8 spots open and they will fill up fast.  Many clients have known this was coming.  The lodge takes Deposits in January.  So I would like to get everything locked in by December 20th in terms of commitments.  My wife and I are working on the food and gear lists and budgets as well as airfare.

If taking a week long Do It Yourself Alaska Fishing Trip with my beardy face sounds like something you would like to do…please fill out a guided trip inquiry here on the website or call me directly.  I am wicked stoked for this guys, and I know a handful of clients have been patiently waiting for details on this.  Below is the link to the lodge’s website.  You can contact me with any questions.

Seasons on the Fly Lodge

Thanks everyone,

Looking forward to a new Adventure!



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