Spring has Sprung

img_0003The season is here.  But the spring is cold hearted and the weather does not always favor the angler.  The spring can be a crapshoot when it comes to conditions.  That’s why I spend most of my time off river staring at graphs for weather predictions, flows, snowpack, and runnoff levels constantly.  The forecasts here in the mountains changes daily and one minute it could be 3 days of sunshine the next its 3 days of snow and rain.  The weather can be unpredictable and volatile but most of all…freaking windy here in the spring.  We have great wind forecasting tools at our disposal because of NOAA and Science so trying to find those less windy days are only a few clicks away.

img_2778But that shouldn’t make the angler wary.  Sure avoid the really windy days, but damp or sopping wet days can produce some memorable fishing experiences here on the Yakima.  The spring produces high quality fish here as they wake up first and get eating right away prepping for spawning and heavy spring flows.  We trick a lot of really big ass trout here in the spring, and we get the best colors of the season in our fish in March and April as they are all dressed up for the big date.  Don’t forget your rain jacket and wear an extra layer, because even when the weather is kinda nasty…the fishing can be wicked sweet.

The spring water temps rise and stabilize quickly.  Now that we don’t have super chill evenings where the air temps drop below 32 Degrees the water temp will start to hover around 40-42 and start its slowrise to 45-50 every day.  As we get through April the water temps will stay closer to 50 and rise into the mid 50’s…pre summer.  Trout will start spawning, and some in the lower river may already be podded up and getting ready.  Remember to watch your anchor drops and your foot stomps.  Try not to pressure actively spawning fish.

img_0001-1We are starting to get a rhythm to the river now.  With mornings earlier and warmer, days longer, and evenings taking their time to setting in.  We have bugs starting to wake up.  Skwallas are on the move and fish are eating them.  We have midges galore this season, and I’ve spotted multiple trout sipping.  We even saw a few caddis the other day, and the BWO’s are starting to come off in the late afternoon already!  Spring has sprung and an angler can finally start syncing up with the rhythm and tricking some trout.

img_1696-1The spring season is open and I have lots of availability but it doesn’t last long.  Reserve a trip today and get in the Skwalla Special Price with a 6 hour float and a lunch for $275 for 2 anglers.  Or go for a walk and wade trip for $190 and get to know some of the more intimate walk and wade areas of the upper Yakima River.


Hope to see ya Riverside,



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