Holy F#$@ it’s finally here!

Finally anglers! FINALLY. I hit the river today and yes it’s high, but damnit let’s go already! Took the kids out and we had a great little float. Rose a fish or two, saw some bugs, and enjoyed being riverside in what feels like an eternity.

My calendar is finally starting to fill up, and I’m finally getting to talk trout and have my life be enveloped by everything troot and river, fly and rod. It’s been a rough spring. It’s why next spring I’ll be fishing other water. I’ll also be fishing somewhere else this winter…but it’s summer time…and the Yakima is awesome from now until the end of October, so for the next 150 days…I’ll be here, on my beloved Yakima River chasing trout and guiding clients having a wicked time. Hope to see ya riverside this season!



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