Post Guide Trip Update 5-31-18

Post Trip Update 5-31-18:

Today was on the tougher side. Nothing like that first guide trip of a run of ‘em to set ya straight! Was windy…really f’ing windy. We did the upper to use the trees and side channels to our advantage. It helped.

Streamers gave us action in the morning again, but not as hot as yesterday. Little to no bugs today. Had two big funky weather fronts move over us which did not help. So we had some things working against us today.

My clients worked their asses off, chucking streamers, nymphing on the run, and walking side channels and casting dries…all in the wind. Like all my trips there was a lot of knowledge transfer going on today. Love the teaching and the talking while fishing.

Got a few, missed a few more, and had the truck not want to start on me at the end of the day, just one more jab to me by the fly fishing gods apparently. But still a great day with happy clients, a few more dollars in my pocket, and a tuckered out guide.

Now let’s do it again tomorrow, and the next day, and the next.



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