Tis the Season Anglers

Well, the new year is almost here. I am hard at work updating the website, reaching out to new contacts and looking at new waters to guide this coming season. One of the new things I will be offering clients is Bass Fly Fishing Trips. Both Large and Small Mouth bass are a freaking hoot on the fly and I am so looking forward to putting anglers on a new species for Tamarack’s Guide Service. Right now I have 10 dates, the first 10 days in April to be exact that are open for bass fishing.

Bass Fly Trips are Full Day only and will be $500 for 2 anglers and $400 for 1 angler. You can reserve here on the website, send me an email, or give me a call to reserve your day. $150 deposit. Of course if you have any questions just let me know. Super stoked to be doing more stuff this coming season…its not far off now anglers.



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