Book your Trips for the Spring!

I will be back on the Yakima at the end of the month. I am traveling more for work and guiding new places this year, so I have big blocks of dates where I will be riverside and open for reservations.

If you would like to reserve a Early Season Spring Day of fishing these are the dates I will be available.

I have March 5th through April 16th for this first block of spring dates open. I already have several dates booked for the Spring and weekends are filling up fast.

I also have April 1st through April 10th set aside for Bass Fishing on the Fly.

My Spring Special rate is $385 for 2 anglers for a 6hr float with a lunch. I also offer half days and walk and wade trips.

My Bass Trip rate is $500 for 2 anglers for a full 8hr day of fishing with a lunch.

So if you’d like to take a guided fly fishing trip with me between March 5th through April 16th start thinking about reserving your dates today!

You can call, email, or message to reserve.

Hope to see ya out there this season Anglers!



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