River Report March 2nd

I’m finally back. I drove 1000 miles over the past 3 days from Rupert Idaho. Coming over Lookout Pass through Montana was an adventure with blizzard conditions. But I made it. So did the boat.

I fished the Yakima Friday from Ringer to Reds. It was cold and slow. We picked up one fish on the streamer. We nymphed all the nymphy water and came up fish less.

The water temps are sub 40. Hovering around 36-38 degrees so fish are sleepy. The water is low. So fish are stacked in deep water chillin’. The forecast is calling for warmer days by next Thursday and into March. We may still get snow but we will start to see 40 plus degree days. This will give us the bump we need to move things around. Bugs will start hatching, we will get some runoff to move fish and food around, and the water temp will start to rise just enough to get trout into first gear and start eating.

I’m here guiding until April 15th. Reserve your dates now for spring fishing.

I also have a new job guiding for Whitepine Outfitters in Moscow Idaho on the St. Joe river. I will be posting updates to this new opportunity to guide one of the most famous free stone dry fly cutthroat rivers of the west.

I look forward to the season and seeing anglers this year. Book today!


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