St. Joe Day 3

Today was rough. The river hit 8 G’s and was ripping. Fish were very hard to find but I’m not here for fish I’m here for the floats so that I’m certified to guide. I’ve got 2 more days of certification floats. After today…they will be shorter ones.

I’ve floated all but a few miles of the river section that I’ll be guiding. But so far my favorite oa the section from Avery to Marble Creek. The water is big, turbulant, lots of rollers and I know when the river drops in the summer and fall it will be a boulder filled paradise to row and fish.

We did Marble Creek to Calder today. We found a few fish but the weather made for some river misery. Misery on the river is fine…when there are fish…its kind of a grind when there aren’t.

The rain has been heavy since yesterday and got so hard overnight it woke both me and Kyle my guide colleague up. We figured the river would really blow out but it held its color and flow. It looks like it will peak later in the season with the heavy snowpack.

It got windy half way through and the misery really sank in. We were soaked, cold, and our brains fried from trying to decipher this river in these flows. A welcome challenge. Even in the crappy weather I still love every minute of it.

We ended early and came back to camp and made a huge fire in the wood stove and warmed ourselves while sharing fishing stories.

I do miss my family though. It is starting to wane on me, not seeing them, hearing my children play, waking next to my lady. It’s been 6 weeks and will be just over 7 when I finally see then again in 11 days. Being here and out of service not able to talk to my family has been a little tough especially after 6 weeks. But it’s that final push for me this spring and it’s always the hardest part for me…that internal struggle of wanting to connect with my wife and children but also wanting this freedom and connection to rivers and trout.

This spring has been better than last year but not super busy. I’ve only got 11 more days of the spring season before I take a break until May 3rd. Then it’s the long push through the summer to the fall…on two rivers. I’m stoked and can’t wait to run my first trip on the St. Joe. I also cant wait to get back to the Yakima and chase fish. I do feel like one of the luckiest fly fishing guides right now and it’s pretty sweet. Even if I’m a little fried right now.

Be back at it again tomorrow.



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