River Life

The days blur together. It’s just clients and fish and more fish. The rest of the world has faded away. My life right now, is completely enveloped by fly fishing.I wake late and fish late, when the trout are active.I fish almost everyday. Maybe 1 day in 10 do I not find myself riverside with a fly rod in my hand or my oars fanning the river current. I’m rather anti social when I’m not working. Just being out with the tiger and trout is enough company for me. The days I’m with clients I get my fill of people interaction. I find myself wanting to fish solo more this season than others. Not sure why…maybe just a phase I’m in.The riverside fires are nice. Here on the North Fork of the Teanaway near Beverly Creek it is peaceful. The tiger drowning out the silence of the forest, birds calling to one another, the crackle of wet pitched filled logs on the hot fire…its really all the stimuli I need after a good run of trips.This life opens up so much of that time everyone is chasing for themselves I feel privileged to be able to live it. To have a life filled with trout, river, river peeps, crackling fires, nights spent tying by headlamp, waking to the river every morning, listening, watching…always learning. Plugged in, and out of touch with anything and everything but that seam, with the boulder and the overhanging limb…right there, tucked up underneath…good drift…sluuuurp….What more do you need I ask…what more do you need?Tamarack


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