Open Dates for the Yak and Joe!

I leave for the St. Joe River in Idaho on June 20th through the 26th. So if you’d like to reserve a day on the St. Joe make sure you get a hold of me so I can put you in contact with my outfitter.

Until I leave I have a few days left open on the Yak.

June 14th 16th 18th and 19th on the Yakima are open.

If you’d life to reserve a day on the Yak before I’m outta town for 6 days fishing and guiding some new water let me know.

Bugs are hatching, fishing is starting to settle back after the flows bump, the sunshine is here, come get in on the early summer action before it’s too hot!

And the St. Joe is just starting its Salmon Flies and the flows are settling and its starting to fish really well from what I’m told. I’ll have reports for both places and information as we keep rambling and rolling riverside this season.

How to see ya out there anglers.



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