4th of July Special

Hey Anglers!

The 4th of July weekend is coming up!

I’m offering half day floats for $280.00 for 2 anglers.

Anglers have the option of morning or evening floats.

Come out to the Yakima River and get in on the summer fishing before it fills up and gets too hot! Morning and evening start times means we miss all the floater, tuber, and rafting traffic and fish the river when conditions are best for troots.

We have goldens, yellow sallies, pmds, drakes, and the flows are up! Trout are hungry and the summer fishing is here.

Call, email, messages or tell at me riverside to reserve a 4th of July Weekemd fishing trip.

I have the 4th through the 7th still open and its the only weekend left open on July! I’ll be on the St. Joe for most of August so get in on the Yakima Trips while I’m still here!

$280 plus tax for 2 anglers half day floats, morning and evening. 4th-7th open!



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