Be Safe

Yesterday I was with clients and wr had a kayaker wreck on a log pile near us. It was a bad smack that upended the boat onto the jam. We pulled over and went up to help. Bruised and stunned but okay we helped the guy get over the jam safely and try him back on his way.

He did not have a life jacket on and if he had hit the jam sideways the results could have been much worse.

Please be safe, wear a life jacket, bring a whistle, tell people where and when you are floating, know your access points, and never go if you feel scared or nervous when looking at the water. That’s your body and mind telling you you’re not ready. It’s very high and very fast, inexperience can be fatal on the Yakima. Please be careful. I end up having to help or rescue half a dozen or more a summer.

Be safe. And have fun!



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