The Joe.

Well today sucked. Which is becoming all too common. But in this business there are gonna be some scheduling snafus and today was one of those.

I drove up the to the Joe Monday, took care of releasing the wrecked car. (And I can’t thank Benewah Motors in St. Marie’s enough for helping make that whole process easier.) Which also sucked sifting through the wreck and gathering all the salvageable gear. Then I drove up the Joe, organized my crap, and prepped for my trip. Spent 2 hrs organizing my flies. All my other shit is a mess so I figured having organized fly boxes would help. Then woke up had a shenanigan that made the trip not happen. Drove all the way back to Spokane to turn in the rental car early. Got a little money back which was nice.

Then got a call from a Yakima River Peep and fellow Guide saying they were headed to the Joe to fish with me for two days. He was checking out before a big run of trips over Labor Day Weekend and I need to break from guiding until the 10th because of the accident and dealing with everything because of it.

So I’m back up on the Joe.

This river makes me keep coming back. I’m addicted…no matter the shenanigans…I keep coming back. I want to come back, I want to guide it more. I want to tap it, feel it, learn it, understand it…and trick its troots.

A few days of just fishing then getting into prep work for the fall. Fishing in the late season is my jam. I need to tie flies, get my mind in the autumn headspace for fishing. I also need to promote and book trips which requires work.

I want to guide, but logistically its proving to be to difficult to here without all my shit in order. I’ve got a new rig waiting for me in Rupert. Wife picked it up today. I’ll be driving it back. Hoping to get the trailer fixed but have loaner options until then. So it’s best to just wait, settle, and not push or rush things. That only causes for shenanigans. I’m set to run around 140 plus trips this season so it’s never a bad idea to take some time and recharge. Especially when you roll a truck into a river. Might mean you need to chill out a bit. I’m all about getting after it, but sometimes you gotta listen to others telking you what’s good for you, listen to your body and your mind, and take care of yourself. I can’t be at my best guiding if I’m not good off river. And I need more time.

So I will be fishing with a friend in the high country, then tying and prepping promoting the fall season before heading home to see the family before the last run of the season. About 60 days of trout season left anglers. I wanna be at my best for it.

See ya riverside.



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