The Push

We’ve got 5 weeks left anglers. Well I do at least. Trout fishing ends in late October for this trout bum and guide.

I’ve been on water almost 200 days since March. I’ve guided around 130 something trips maybe more I have lost track a bit. I’ll end the season close to my goal of 160 ish. I was hoping for 30 trips here in the Fall and I’m 9 away from hitting that mark.

But there is burnout. I had a chunk of time off in August again but it wasnt the kinda down time I would have liked. Summer cost a lot. From gas prices to low guide days, hot water temps, deers, shennanagins, the summer was kind of a bust. Nothing new in this gig. The fall is always good to me.

But I’m ready to be home. I spend over 50 days away from home at a time. It can stress you. After 200 plus days I’m looking forward to the end of the season.

So I won’t be steelheading this year. With the recent closures in Idaho and low numbers and intense commercial and recreational pressure…I’m just not that interested in it. Plus the cost of doing it and the money to be made is a wash. My focus will be on saltwater down south this off season, tying flies, selling flies, and finding some new trout water to guide. I’ll be back to it on the Yak and Joe and other places next season in March.

The Push is here. Its fishtober. Its the last few weeks of good trout fishing on the fly rod before the cold sets in and the fish hibernate like the other critters. I hibernate too. I sleep, enjoy my children and those lives, spend time with my wife, play video games, and I’ll be looking for warmer water and bigger fish with bigger gear come the snow falling.

Tis the season anglers…

Fishtober is here.



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