Life has shenanigans too

Shenanigans is the word I’d use to describe this past season. Had a lot of them from start to finish. But this post doesn’t have a lot to do with trout and river shenanigans.

Life has shenanigans too. I’m back on the homewater after only being gone for 6 days. I have had a negative event happen in my personal life that has caused me to return to the river and the people that fish and row it. People that know who I am and love me for it. People that support me and can help me through difficult times. Something I am all to familiar with.

While I am not going to get into the details as it’s my personal and not my professional life, one does have an effect on the other. I am away from my children after only a few days with them. A hardship I am battling constantly. Needing support for myself and knowing the people here that can be there for me as well as removing myself from a negative situation caused me to come back so soon. I do not want to be here. But have to be.

This season a lot of clients, followers, and river peeps saw another side of me with my accident. This current situation is another one of those real life moments that doesn’t revolve around trout but needs to be said as the questions and comments are already flooding in.

I’m back, I’m focused on work and getting a place to be with my kids. I’m taking late season trips, I’ll have flies up for sale shortly, I have more items coming up for sale, podcasts and live streams coming, tying clinics, and a southern expedition for redfish. Typically my focus in the offseason shifts to my family. Unable to be there and in dad mode full time right now means I switch gears and focus on what I can do and will still benefit and support my kids. Which means work.

I’m alright, I have people looking after me, and there are trout that can be very therapeutic. I’m staying in Roslyn, I’ll have the boat next week, so you can’t miss me.

I’ll have social media content, website content, and other things coming as we get into the offseason.

Thank you to everyone that has reached out with concern and support.



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