I spend the majority of the year with people. Two at a time 150-200 days a year. Fly fishing is more than just about fishing. After 5 years full time I’ve developed relationships both professional and personal over that time.

Anglers I fish with outside of work, clients that keep coming back for more, new clients that get addicted to the energy. I connect with them all. Some more strongly than others, some less personal and more professional. But there is a very human element to this job when it becomes a career and something more than just summer work until the next thing.

This season it was made very clear the impact I’ve had on the community, clients, anglers and river peeps. The support I got from everyone from here to the St. Joe and Moscow Idaho. I feel very blessed and fortunate to have the people around me that I do.

At a time in our world when things seem to be decisive and more about this side and that…connecting with people no matter the avenue, is something I think is very important. I meet every sort of people on the river. From white to black, gay, trans, straight, male, female, old and young, wealthy and scraping by. The trout do not care. And neither do I in all honesty. We are here to share something that’s above all of that. Above where you sit on the aisle or what pew you are in on Sunday.

Connecting with nature and wild animals is a part of us as a species. We are missing connection in our lives. And the device in your hands right now isn’t real connection.

We catch two trout with one cast so to speak. I facilitate a connection to nature in a form that requires your utmost attention and focus leaving little room in the mind for much else. While also sharing that connection with other people. Typically another person you are close with. It becomes this team dynamic that feeds off the energy from the river and trout through the fly rods, into the boat, flowing through the three of us as we ramble down the river with the current.

It’s a groovy process anglers. Super groovy. As the day continues the groove sets in. Then all the drama in clients lives comes out. I can see it. We get 3 hours in and you’ve got clients still all tense and shit. So you get it out of them. You’re stress is fucken up the groove so we have to remedy that shit so we can all enjoy the day properly. So we get it out. I hear all sorts of things. Like the barber. Then it’s all out by lunch. And boom…clients are back in the groove and that connection is flowing at full power.

By the end of the day clients are exhausted. Always exhausted with my trips. And they’ve come out feeling refreshed despite. It’s because that connection just charged your battery dude. It’s why you feel so good. No matter the fish count. Nature and that human connection anglers. What it’s all about. Its what you’re really paying for. And I’m happy to oblige.

I know the effects of a river, trout, and a person or two to share it with. I understand how solo can be very fulfilling as well. Connecting with the self through the same means is highly recommended. I’ve done this a while now. This is a constant theme throughout the seasons and my returning client base can attest.

As the season ends. Despite the hardships that are here. I am a very rich person with the connections I have made with people. With the season over and that connection slowing I have more time for my kids. Connecting with them everyday. The small group of river peeps, trout bums, and dirtbags that I now can share more time and connection with. New experiences, new places, fish, things, and people to connect with.

It’s hard to be down when you’ve filled your life with so much positive. Even now things flow down river with a purpose, taking me yonder. The sun sets and the stars lead the way through the dark. A warm fire and a few people to share it with is just around the bend.


See ya riverside anglers.


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