Trout Bum Mornings

Its cold. Officially to cold for shorts. I said it.

The offseason is slow. Most mornings during the trout season; its get up and go, guide, eat, sleep, do it again. You squeeze everything into and around the guide days.

This time of the year mornings are a bit more relaxed. Wake up around 8 or 9. Sometimes 10. Start coffee amd throw on the music. I putter around in the mornings. Read news, catch up on emails and social media.

Coffee is ready. I talk to my kids. I would typically hang outside and enjoy my coffee. But its too damn cold so I have to sit inside. I am surprised how busy I actually am this offseason.

I finish my coffee, do yoga. And then finish getting ready for the day. A trout bum day doesn’t typically start until 10 or 11. I set aside a few hours a day for fly tying. Orders are starting to roll in so I will cram more flies in before leaving for a week or two for winter steelheading.

The trick to the offseason is to settle into that slower pace. It isn’t always easy. Going from high energy, go go go, constant people interaction, to just kinda being a loner. I haven’t had the experience of living with another guide and trout bum during the offseason. Having two cabin fever stricken anglers under one roof can get silly. With no big TV or electronics, or other things to ward off boredom…its mostly a lot of late mornings, late nights, flies tied, trips planned and replanned, coffee drank, and stories swapped.

You have to enjoy it. Take the respite even if you don’t really want it. The offseason isn’t as glamorous as the trout season or fishing damn near everyday…but you work your ass off so you can enjoy the time off river. It usually only lasts 10 days maybe 2 weeks before I find myself outside or wanting to be out. Despite the cold. There is skiing soon…but I like fish more.

Trout Bum mornings are pretty slow and laid back. Just easing into the cold winter days every morning. That’ll all change when we head west to the OP and get back on river time. But until then…just enjoying the offseason for what it is, and anticipating the next riverside day.



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