Slow Mornings

My body is waking me up at 6:30 and 7 am to my detriment. Bed at 9 pm or 2a. Doesn’t seem to matter. The mornings are slow to wake and warm. Moving down into the valley of the Yak I feel the early season starting to creep on a little quicker.

This usually happens to me this time of year. I dream and daydream of water. I wake up with the sound of the river still lingering in my ears. I drink coffee and look longingly at my boat. She’s just as anxious. I brought her back to the homewater over a week ago now and she still hasn’t been out on the Yak. She’s not happy about it.

Its early. And I am especially anxious to get started this season. Last year was a busy year. It set the bar higher for this season and only makes the excitement that much more. I miss the work. I miss the routine, the challenge.

I miss listening to the river. I am little lost without that song the Yak sings each day. The spring has a slow almost percussive start to the day. Like a slow rolling warm up to the big crescendo around 2 pm when the mayflies start. As things warm up the tune of the river changes. As we move into the warmer days that river song speeds up and builds. By caddis those evenings turn into groovy jam sessions in the evening lasting into the twilight.

By summer the days are filled with big explosive moments in the song…like a horn line in a wicked groovy funk tune blowing it up. The days become medleys of stoneflies, terrestrials, streamers, caddis, and dainty little mayflies as trout add to the music of the river.

It can be overwhelming to those who aren’t used to listening. For me…I am addicted to it. I want to be a voice in the song. Join in the chorus and bring clients and anglers along for the show. Its like tour season for a musician. The time is almost here and those pre show jitters are rampant. I feel and see that anxiousness in other anglers, guides, and fellow outdoorsy folks. Spend a little time in one of the fly shops anywhere in the state and you will get a sense of what everyone who chases fish with fly and rod is feeling.

The band is warming up anglers. The set list is ready, the crowd is ready…just waiting for those troots to get ready for the show.

The snowpack just hit 87% and we should break 90% over the weekend. The spring fishing in the LC looks to be about 3 weeks out from starting with those mayfly and midgey medleys. The river will simmer and swell with the warm and cold days. The river will start to sing louder. And soon enough I will be out there adding to the chorus. Its close anglers…are you ready for it?

See ya riverside anglers.



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