Its a tough one at times to be thankful and happy this off season. Loneliness, something I think many anglers and especially guides feel…pandemic or not. Many of us are more lonely than we have ever felt this year. Being away from loved ones, sacrificing time…which we only have so much of, to try and be safe and responsible during this crazy shit.

I am comfortable with the loneliness. We is tight. From my personal life to my professional. Doing things more solo now than I ever have. But is it really?

Yes I haven’t spent time with friends and the few people I consider family. I didn’t guide or fish with people and share in that with near as many as I normally do. It has taken its tole. But despite the pandemic, lockdowns, losing money, and not getting to do what it is I love and enjoy to do positive things have come about.

Personally, the pandemic has made me have to get my feet under me quickly after 2019. Knowing I am a shenanigan magnet I couldn’t be two steps behind starting this spring and I had plenty of help from those closest to me getting my feet under me before this shit set in. I will forever be grateful for people like Troy, Pat, and John. And to those thank random check in on me. Even when I don’t respond. You know who you are. The texts at weird hours, the phone calls outta nowhere. I thank you truly.

The pandemic hit and things went to shit. But riverside there is always stuff and things that happen. Like rods breaking, lack of supplies, broken trucks, fucked up trailers, uncooperative fish, weather, flows, what have you. The normal ebb and flow…testing ones patience ever more during the pandemic. Battling riverside shenanigans is something I am rather accustomed to so I dealt with it.

But that pesky off river stuff is relentless. From the financial strain came a new slew of problems I was unprepared for. But money is easily fixed with more money….just gotta make it. And when this is all over I have no doubt I will get that sorted. Time and money solve a lot. And there will be a decent recovery period for everyone when this finally starts to be over.

I miss my kids. We have sacrificed seeing each other a lot during all of this. I keep a lot of that close. Stings. But they are safe and we will see each other when this is all over. Just weird. Really fucken weird. Thankful they are with loved ones and safe during all this.

Car broke down, had so much help getting a new one and getting it road worthy. I can’t thank Bern and the crew at Rally Tuned in Cle Elum for their help getting me rolling again this season.

I had my gal bladder try to kill me. And I wouldn’t have gotten through it without the help of someone really special to me. Many know I met someone just before the pandemic hit. Through all this I have been fortunate to have someone like Kearstyn come into my life. I wouldn’t have made it through the surgery and to be honest, this whole pandemic without her. People come into your life when you least expect it and not always the way you anticipate. Finding a persom that compliments my weirdness, vibes with me, and brings happiness everywhere with them is someone I am very thankful for. Thankful isn’t enough word for it.

I have much to be thankful for this season. Health is a big one. My clients continued support and patronage. The people I consider family, my friends. Even though things are distant that connection and that gratitude is there.

I miss you all. This will be over soon. I hope you all have found things that make you happy, connected with those in your pandemic bubble. Be safe, spread love, and be grateful…be oh so grateful. There is a lot of loss and turmoil out there right now. Many people are missing loved ones at the table this year. Many aren’t seeing loved ones so they have a seat next year.

Be safe anglers. See ya riverside soon.



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