Awww ya!

We are in the final throws of winter proper. Yes there is still a fuck ton of snow…everywhere amd there still gonna be more to come. But every inch of snow now is just icing on the snowpack cake. We are at 120% of average so bring it. Means big flows and big shouldered trout.

All this water waiting to melt has me wicked stoked. Itching to get out. Cranky being stuck here in the house. The off season can be over now. I’ve sat enough. The body is yearning to work the river. Walk thigh deep against the current. The feel of my arms burning against the flows as I hold the boat in position for a few more casts. Get it. I ain’t getting any younger.

I’m in better shape than I’ve been my whole life. And coming out of this off season I didn’t put on the guide 20 like I usually do. But I do feel my age every now and then. Makes the prep work the next several weeks all the more important. I’m so ready. I feel I’ve been pretty good with the hibernating…but I’m done now. It’s time to come out and get to work.

Its gonna be wading for a minute. Gotta get the boat cleaned out and wait for access points to be drivable. It’s not putting in that’s the issue….its getting that fat water logged hog outta the river over snow and ice….I need a raft. Hmmmm.

It shouldn’t be more than a week or so before the boat gets wet. It’s got 2 feet of snow in it still, so….that’ll take a minute. But the thing about fishing in January and February is that it’s typically only about 4 to 5 hrs anyway, and we don’t need a boat to get into fish. They are still podded up in large groups. Slowly, more and more wake up and start to move, feed, and get ready to spawn.

Right now, the season is shaping up very nicely. We’ve already got over 25 days booked for the whole season. I’ve lost track with the last few days. Which is awesome. We finished with 174 guided days last season, a huge make-up from the 70 whatever we did during covid. Another year like last or better, and we might be outta that hole 2020 dug.

A huge thank you to everyone for last season. Fucken rocked. And another one to everyone that has bought flies this winter and got on the calendar early. It’s saved my ass a few times. Shit is still tight out there for people. It’s not all hunky dorey, but at least there’s troot.

I’ve got lots of days open anglers. Gonna shoot for 200 this season. We shall see. LOL. I’m so looking forward to it. All this water, we’ve got a bunch of fish that are spawning this year which means big fish before and after. We will stay outta the upper river during the spawn this season. Gonna make that a thing now. After the trout getting 10 weeks off during the 2020 spawn and seeing the results…ya we gonna let them do their thing and leave em be. Plenty of trout that aren’t up there doing the nasty we can chase. Our population is already high and a big water and big spawn year is something that doesn’t always happen so it gets the angler and guide in me a little more jazzed about the season.

It’s gonna be one of those seasons that you’re not gonna want to miss. I can feel it and I’ve been doing this a hot minute. I’m back riverside next week anglers! Got one more day to save 15% for early booking. I’ve got anglers booked into the summer! Save some dough and come chase trout this season anglers. You’re invited. Trout said I could!

See ya riverside anglers,



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