Things are starting.

So I’m stoked. I’ve been looking at the graphs and charts and the weather and forecasts. Ooooo.  I’m excited. Let’s get into it because fishing session is fing here anglers. It’s here!!!

So the flows are gonna come up this Sunday Monday. Little uptick. Probably a bump of 800 cfs maybe more. It’s gonna super charge the river with cold water. It’s going to displace fish, it’s also going to bring the flows up over 2500cfs which is runoff levels for early season.  Que spawning, skwallas, and the whole ecosystem coming to life.

We have 50 degree days this week, it’s super sunny, snow in the lowlands is damn near gone. The water table is charging, and water is seeping back into the Yakima. It’s like pumping blood into and through the heart. Bugs start moving, birds show up, twitterpated otters, and, of course, fish. Already, fishing has had an uptick over the past 10 days. It only gets better. Plus, the sun sets after 6 now. The fishing window grows each day. Water warms a little bit more each day. But next week….mmmm… it looks like it feels like it’s going to be the start. Just a little bump in cfs is all it takes, and all I want. Already, the flows are where I like them for the spring. 2000 to 2800 is just fine for me. 2300 to 2500 is the sweet spot.

The 24th through the 28th into March is looking mighty juicy…and it’s wide open for guide trips. Wanna swing up that big one, or get first crack at skwalla dry fly eats?  Ya…I can feel it the troutasphere.  Plus it my birthday next week and I’d like to spend it riverside making money in all honesty.

So if you’re looking for that early season trooty day, that is when conditions look to light up real sweet like. Real comfortable for troot chasing…the 24th through March 1st is looking mighty fine.

That’s my trooty two cents for what I see unfolding with the river over the next 10 to 15 days. See ya riverside. Skwalla Special is $325.



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