Spring is….springing…

Those of you anglers that watch the flows know that some shit is coming. Our first big runnoff event on the spring is starting as I’m typing this. 

This river is forecasted to hit around 7000 to 8000 cfs over the next few days. It’s already moving up as the rain comes in, snow melts, and the warmer temps slide in. We have already seen the weather shift to muggy and warmer than it was a week ago during the cold snap. It feels like a Blue Wing Olive kind of day.

This is awesome for fishing. Yeah, it sucks we have to sit it out for a few days, but by the 3rd, we start to see the flows drop. Which is money. The river in the spring up around 2200 to 2800 is damn near perfect flows. Especially after a drop. By the 7th, the flows are predicted to go back down to 2000. So a big flush is coming and we need it. The rest of the lowland snow will melt, groundwater will swell, and we will see our consistent above 2000 flows start to hang out.

You always want to fish the drops. Fish displace and have to seek out refuge, pod up, and hunker down for the heavy water. Like hunkering down for a snowstorm for us. After things start to subside, those fish are hungry, cranky, and tired of being stuck together in big pods. They wanna spread out and get into those smaller feeding pods of 15 to 30. Not 50 plus. They start to look for territory for the spring, and they also feed for spawning. It’s all happening this week. Trout getting trooty anglers.

Clients on the calendar are in for a treat as these conditions slowly materialize. I’m internally giddy and stoke AF to fish three next 3 weeks. It’s going to be sweet; all the stuff and things that make for good trooting are coming together. 

There is rain in the forecast; we have 45 plus degree air temps. Overnight lows aren’t freezing; mmmm…fishy.  The muggy rain is here; overcast skies. BWOs hatch in this stuff, especially after a flush. Skwallas are going to pop after this flush. The huge push in water is going to help move the nymph colonies into the banks of the river and get the hatch going.

I’m telling ya anglers; this shit is coming, and it’s going to be glorious. If you want to get the dry fly, eat, skwalla holla, pick sippers with mayfly dries, soft hackles swinging, streamer tugs, and a big ass indicator take downs nymphing. Fish get ravenous after a flush, and the water temps are going to hit 42, plus they are going to be like fat trout misses to the fly! 

The calendar is filling, but I’ve got some opening during this sweet trooty, juicy time headed on way.

March 7th to the 10th right during this week stuff is open. Those weekdays have fewer people, more troot for you.

March 17th is open for a special discount of $275. St. Patty’s Day and the only day open in 11. I just want that day filled, so I get 11 days in a row!

I also have a Spring Wade Fishing Clinic on March 20th with 6 spots open!

March 22nd through the 25th is also open during the skwalla hatch. After that, it will probably start to subsides and switch to mayflies.

So there you have it. Got to sit for a few days as the river flushes. Get on it, hoard, when it starts to drop on Thursday/Friday. Skwalla Special $325.00 is running through March!

Call, email, text to reserve. Super stoked to get out there this spring. Let’s go anglers!!! Time to chase TROOT!

See ya riverside anglers,



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