Hog Island getting love.

Alrighty anglers! The hog, Kay, and I are headed to Steamboat at the end of April to get the old boat a big face-lift. It’s one of the longest running hogs on the water. It’s been over 10 years since I bought the boat.

In just the past 7 years, the boat and I have seen over 1200 trips. And 6000 to 10,000 river miles. Before guiding, I infloated quite a bit and traveled to a few dozen different rivers to float. We’ve run class IV, floated wide steelhead rivers in Oregon, the short torrent rivers of the OP, Montana…there’s just a dozen or so we’ve done. Like the Gallatin, Blackfoot, Bitterroot, Clarki, Rock Creek, the MO. I’ve seen rivers in Wyoming like the Snake, and we’ve fished national parks, lakes, in Idaho, the Boise, the Snake, St. Joe, just to name a few. We’ve seen a lot together. I want to keep her going so she’s getting some much needed love to extend her life for another 10 plus seasons.

So, get your dates on the calendar for April. I’m leaving the 30th, back May 4th in time to get ready for Caddis and the season really ramping up.

I’ll see ya riverside this season anglers. And the hog will have a little touch up here by the summer.

Book up the days anglers!



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