The Spring Fishing

Well anglers….the spring fishing is just about over. In terms of trout and for my bummy ass, spring fishing ends when caddis show up. Gone are the days of wicked cold water temps, the waders get hung up and the chacos come out, and fishing altogether changes.

We’ve been running the slow water, the riffle tailouts, the back Eddie’s.  Nymphing a good chunk of the day and crossing fingers for headhunting rising trout. It’s been a good spring for trouting. Since the skwallas started back in March the dry fly fishing has been fairly consistent by spring fishing standards. When skwallas wrapped up the mayflies came and the fish switched over and the past 2 weeks have been excellent for the spring. Even in the crap weather, yes we were dealt some tougher days. But still had good opportunity all around.

It’s been crazy busy for me. I’ve never done more than 24 trips between February and May. 38 so far seems like a staggering number compared to previous springs. Whoo!!  Just chasing trips this year. And my clients have been good to me. Especially coming out of covid. I cannot thank everyone enough for coming out for trips.

It feels good tonhave hard work pay off over the seasons. The groove is much easier to find these days and it shows while on the water. Just plugged in and vibing with the Yakima. Juicy.

As we roll into May the river changes. She already is. With the salmon pulse this week and irrigation operations starting up the river is now getting a good dose of water from the reservoirs. She’s gonna be high now…for a while. Not summer time high but 3000 cfs and maybe more as we move things the next few weeks.

Fish will finish spawning. I timed my trip to Colorado for boat makeover with runoff and to let the fish finish their business. When I return we should be days away from thr Mother’s Day Caddis Hatch, or American Grannom Caddis. It’s amazing to witness and even better to fish and be a part of. Fish everywhere, dry flies, skating dries, swung soft hackles, so many ways to trick trout with Caddis during the hatch. We fish into the dusk hour as trout slurp in the dark. It’s really fun.

Another thing happens in mid May on the Yakima. We get Salmon Flies. The biggest and baddest of the stoneflies. We are due up for a decent hatch this season. It’s been a few years. We get ours when the air trmps start getting into the 60s and 70s. Usually mid to late May. Just big dry flies and ravenous post spawn trout wanting to munch. It can be really fun to watch amazing smashing takes on big dries during the salmon fly hatch. Much like skwallas but bigger, and with warmer water temps, hungrier trout, the takes are a little more robust!

So May is what’s coming. Lots of dry fly fishing, swinging picks up more trout due to warmer water temps and post spawn trout. That 50 degree water temp turns trout into missles. They hammer shit, and hold in faster water. It’s rad. Side channels fill up, fish move around more, wildlife really comes out, the trees green up, things really come alive in May. Come on out for a trip.

I’m back May 5th after Kearstyn and I get back from CO. With a handful of days already scheduled the pickings for dates are prime still. Caddis start that 2nd week fosho, and Salmonflies probably after the 15th. It’s looking like a good summer anglers. Lots of water and still tons of snow to melt. Come out and enjoy the fishing this season. It’s already need pretty Decent!

See ya riverside anglers.


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