Here comes the Grind!

The season is in full swing now anglers. The only thing that gets in the way of fishing now is the wind. The water temps are up, the bugs are hatching regularly, and trout are coming out of the spawn and feeding.

This season has already been busy. And it’s shaping up to be the busiest I’ve had. Working towards 200 guide days and we are on track. Still need to chase those days and fill those dates but the vibes are positive and high.

After the past w seasons of weirdness with the world I’m taking some time to get back to my trout bum roots. Be the guide that lives the life so to speak. It’s not necessary, I could totally live in a regular house, pay regular bills, run those off river errands, and also guide. But that’s not me. And my guiding would suffer for it. Every day that I’m out here, riverside, I’m finding more of that passion for angling, guiding, and living that kind of life. Content is the word.

This allows me to focus on the important things off river. Like my personal relationship, my children, and the non trouty things of my business. There’s a lot of noise when you lived that more plugged in life. Spending the rest of the season living the trout bum life is something I’ve wanted to get back to but didn’t realize it fully until I was back at it.

But it can be lonely and the desire to share it with others. Not just those close or important to me but also other anglers and outdoorsy people who need a taste of that unplugged life for a bit. The guide in me can’t help but want to share it.

That’s why I am doing this kind of roaming come out and stay with me, fish, talk, camp, stuff. It’s time to just embrace that part of myself until I’m too old to enjoy it. I’m not much for creature comforts and would prefer a tent to a hotel room any day, but I’ve got the energy, drive, and physical ability to live that trout bum way.

It’s not classy or anything amazing. It’s just camping anglers. But without a lot of the noise from the rest of the world. Just the trout world. I haven’t seen or looked at the news in over a week. I haven’t watched Netflix, or played a video game, only things I do on my phone are work related or for my personal life. I’ve checked out a little bit. And I’ve also noticed my patience for off river stuff is fading. I’m falling into the grind of just fish and fish and fish. For the next 150 to 180 days it’s fish. And the more I do it the better it gets. Just in tune.

Today’s trip kind of sealed that for me. Just on the rivers time, not having to try as much as just feel it. And that’s where I love to be as a guide and angler. Just, ‘in the pocket’ as my girlfriend would say. It’s what can set an angler apart from others. Some find it silly, others think it’s unnecessary, but tell that to my clients and the fish we see. It makes a difference, being in that zone. It makes you good at it. You learn more not just about fishing but about yourself. Little bit of the soul finds its way out. When I’m in the grind…that’s what’s happening. It’s not just rips, and Money and clients, anyone who puts guiding and fly fishing down like that just isn’t worth my time…because they don’t understand and probably won’t. Some experience and a good ass handing by the river will usually help the doubters.

But it’s getting late, my body is more sore than I want to admit, my brain is tired, ita cold this evening, and there’s another day of chasing trout ahead of me. So lets get back to the grind anglers.

See ya riverside. Or maybe out at camp.



2 thoughts on “Here comes the Grind!

  1. Hey Tamarack – always love your posts. Also, FYI, I’m selling my Smitty Bilt XL rooftop tent if you know anybody who might want to buy it. Tyler

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