It’s here anglers!

I’ve been out for a week working on camper related stuff. Camper is finally done. Only a few minor shenanigans and a 2 days longer than expected. But the home base is in good shape.

I’m back on the river. Landed yesterday morning in the LC. Got camp set and decided to swing a run amongst the crowd.

It was busy yesterday for February but expected. It’s sunny and warm. Highs in the upper 40s almost 50. Sun stays on the water longer now and each day that increases warming and waking the river up. Life is beginning to blossom. Birds are here getting twitterpated, bugs are starting to fly about.

While walking the river, I found skwalla nymphs within the first 3 feet of the bank. They ate starting! The Skwallas are on the move. Water temps are still around 40, but I expect that to start its incremental rise each day moving forward.

It’s happening, and I definently know the procedure. I get to fish for the next 2 weeks. Knocking the kinks out and getting the body and mind set for guiding. March isn’t far away, anglers, and while guides are already working, I’m not jumping in until consistency and water temperatures are on my side. While February’s fishing is typically superb from the 15th on, but it’s still cold, and it’s not spring yet. There’s a huge difference between February and March in terms of what the river is doing. More bugs, warmer temps, spawning behaviors, regular feeding, and response to insects. By March, all the fish have transitioned out of the winter, and the whole river is alive and moving. Just more and better opportunities for anglers and this guide. Something I’ve learned over the past few years. And last early season and spring was much different. We have a slightly lower than average snow pack. It’s been less wet but still cold compared to last year. We had snow in April last year, so there is still a lot that can happen over the next 2 months. But it seems that this spring is gonna be pretty normal for weather and water! Which means consistency, which means better fishing.

Sculpins are still spawning, and more will as the next 2 weeks progress. Water is warm enough now for it to be happening river wide. Skwallas are moving across the watershed, Blue Wing Olive Mayflies are coming soon. Saw a few flutter off in the sunshine yesterday.

It’s about to get crazy out here. And it’s busy already. I reccomend week days. Use those sick and PTO days. Not enough Americans do. They go unused in mass each year we get further from 2020. That’s your time. Use it to come fish if you’re an angler. Get a half day in and just hit the good times. I’ll take care of it just reserve a day.

We are going to get creative with floats, avoid boat traffic, leave the boat overnight to get easier access to different stretches, get out of the boat and really work water, teach, we are going to teach a lot this season. I’ve got a good chunk of clients that have become excellent anglers, its time to level up and learn harder stuff, target more challenging fish, have me hold hands less and let anglers dissect and analyze water prior to fishing, get it done in one kind of thing.

The new anglers bring em on. I’ve seen a slew of just shit habits and crap casting and poor knowledge over the years. Too many anglers that have had guided experiences and come out with a lack of basic skills. Not over here in my boat. While I’ll always out you on fish, and give you opportunities, you will step out of my boat with a better understanding of fly fishing for trout. You won’t need me to catch fish after a day with me. I’ve got plenty of clients that can attest to that. You come fish with me because you’ll learn more and I’ll help make you excellent.

But if you’re intimidated by costs, the guided experience, my beardy face, the industry, the cast, whatever it may be, that is holding you back. Reach out. Let’s chat about it. I own this business, just me. I run it how I see fit and fly fishing should never feel like you need a password to get in. Kids are always welcome, too. I’ve even had babies come out with parents! I am one of a handful of guides that teach the younger anglers around here. Got three kids myself who fish and row. I accommodate anyone who wants to learn the craft of fly fishing. My boat and the river are safe spaces, and I want to see more new anglers along the banks.

It’s here’s anglers. Let’s go. Book trips, make plans, get outside…play. Keep your lines clean, stretch out those leaders, organize that fly box, dust off that whip stick of a rod, lace up your boots, strap on your wading belt, grab that net…seriously don’t forget it or buy it if you don’t have it, and get after it anglers. It’s time.

March has open dates. I really recommend weekdays to avoid boat traffic, but that’s kind of known here on the Yak. I hope to see you riverside, wave, holla, say what’s up I’m around. You’ll see my boat here driving up and down the river roads like always!



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