Spring has sprung…kind of.

Well, anglers, it’s freaking MARCH! Wooo. Here we f’ing go!

I’m stoked! March is almost full, and April is about half with May dates until the 20th wide open! The season is shaping up really nicely with over 80 days already booked out of 150-175 trips I’m taking this season! Thank you to all my clients!

Now, let’s get into what to look forward to. It’s gonna be a slow start. Overnight lows stay below freezing for another 10 days. Daytime highs hit 40 ish. As we get into the 10th thru the 15th, things should switch over to more springtime weather. Really, it’s all about those overnight lows staying right at freezing or above. This gets things going for troots.

Skwallas, BWOs, and March Browns are the bugs of choice for the next 6 to 8 weeks. With high potential for all three to overlap! May will give us caddis and that evening feed I love so much!

With dates getting grabbed up fast and early, I am already having to turn trips away. To help give more options for anglers, I’m also doing a second Spring Educational Clinic on April 23rd. I’ve got 9 of the 10 spots open for April. It’s $175 per angler, which is a great deal for instruction and 4 to 5 hrs on the water. My March Clinic filled up in a matter of days and had overflow. I’ll be partnering with Kristen and Streamside Coven Co. on this clinic as well, so come out to learn from two of the best guides on the Yak.

I’ll be gone May 25th through June 25th on a networking and fishing adventure in Michigan for the 2024 season. I’ll be back to guiding the Yak for July, so book your summer dates early.

Once October rolls through, I’ll be heading south to Florida with a new boat and chasing and learning the saltwater until the following spring. Things are moving and shaking, and I am expanding my business. The 2023 trout season on the Yak is a huge jumping off point for me, so the stroke and anticipation are rather high!

March has the 5th through the 10th open. The 13th and 14th, 21st, and 22nd and the 29th open. That’s it for March. Grab em while you can.

April has more with the 4th through the 7th, 10th through the 14th, 16th through the 21st. 24th, 26th, 27th, and 30th all open.

May has 1st through 4th. 6th through 11th and the 13th through the 20th open. CADDIS ANGLERS!

Our extended forecast and flow predictions look perfect for the spring, and I anticipate some superb fishing with a large chunk of our fish population being adult size that 15 plus inch good stuff for fish. Let’s go.

Reserve today. Grab a spot on the clinic on April 23rd. Half days, walk and wades, and full days are all options for anglers! Give me a holler, and let’s chase some trout together in 2023 anglers!

Awww ya, see ya riverside anglers.


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