My First Official Post

Hello Everyone!


It has been a while since my last post. In fact the last post was when I was hiking the 8th summit of a hiking contest. Everything about this page and blog has changed. This page will be an official premium wordpress webpage for my new fly fishing guide service, Tamarack’s Guide Service. I have been working towards this goal for some time now and have only recently been able to pursue it with full attention. This page will be a hub for my new business but it will also be a place for me to share my passion for fly fishing through media and writing. I have also been secretly working on short films about the rivers here and now have an excuse to use them here.

I will be ready for the start of the fly fishing guiding season like many here in the Yakima River Valley. I trained with some of the best guides on the river several years ago, I learned this river from one of the great old timers. I have spent the past 8 years honing my tying and fishing abilities on my own, with others, and learning, teaching, and doin’ some more learning along the way.

I have spent the past 4 years fine tuning my drift boat skills while putting in the time to learn how to row as a guide with helpful and willing friends. I have spent hundreds of days along the banks of the rivers here. Hiked to remote lakes and streams, fished creeks with no names, rivers that no one thought had fish. I continue to explore the blue lines of the map here. Guiding was inevitable for me as I want to share this with all who are willing but I have to make a living and support my family in the process. I always tell people that if I could live and support my family off of the vibe I get from people when they share that moment with a trout or nature, I would be content. (Little hippy vibe there)

Many of you follow this blog because of what I did with my old gig. I invite you to continue to follow this and learn about my truest passion when it comes to the outdoors and life. Fly Fishing.

While I was chasing the goal of guiding the mountain trails and snowy passes with my previous endeavor, my drift boat and fly rods went slightly neglected. Being an independent, licensed, insured, and taxable fly fishing guide, has been soaking up the winter days in preparation for the coming season. I’ve also spent the majority of the winter tying flies something I have missed. I didn’t want to put too much out until it’s all official but the insurance lady told me too. This website is the product of having to have something up that explains services for insurance. Hurray being a grownup!

Its been a rough go for a bit but the spring is coming and new things are happening. Its time to sit down at the vise and get ready.



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