The Joys of Technology!

I spent the majority of last night and today staring at my phone and computer while I updated, fine tuned, and tinkered with my new website.  I have been looking at the best options for credit card transaction via my mobile phone and an app.  I have been getting necessary paperwork edited, revised, and printed for insurance and permitting.  It feels good to be doing stuff again.  I am literally counting down each day as we move closer to late February when the Skwalas are on the move.

Since this thing went up I have already been contacted by some old friends, guides, and a few other trout bums who thought I dropped of the face of the planet.  I am not still in Alaska people!  I live right in Cle Elum and work in Roslyn when I am not on the river.

I am super stoked for this new gig.  I don’t know how many times I have talked with the people in Olympia about my license and was assured that once everything is turned in and the fee is paid, I will be official.  Its a really easy process but an important one for me.

My vise has been getting a workout lately as I have been tying for the coming season.  My body is also craving the exercise of being on the river.  With no snow I am unable to ski which is a great way to get in shape for rowing.  But a smelly gym and a rowing machine will more than likely be my main source of workout as the winter creeps on.  Fishing is not happening right now but I keep a close eye on the river flows and temps several times a day.  The angler in me waiting for a winter window to open for fishing but it hasn’t happened yet.  Its the first thing I do when I wake up.  My wife keeps asking me what I am doing on my phone in the morning and I just tell her I am thinking about trouts.  I always check the flows in the morning, just in case, there is a good enough excuse to blow off the day and hit the river.  Even if its cold, fish still gotta eat.

As the winter moves along and January sets in, I long for crisp foggy mornings, warmer spring days, and hungry eager trout.

Share this with your friends and family, I will continue to blog and write here.  Get some dialogue going about fishing!



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