The Truth about fishing in January


January is typically a month that…well kinda sucks, for fly fishing. At least concerning the trout fisherman like myself. I have chased steelhead in the winter months of the northwestern rivers, but I don’t much care for it in all honesty. I’m a trout angler.

I had to make a run for work and got a chance to drive along the river. A green milky hue runs through the river, swollen from warm winter days and rain. The angler in me was intrigued at how inviting some of it looked. A 6WT with a sink tip and the slow strip with a green streamer was running through my mind. A possibility if the river drops just a tad more and keeps its temp up.

The overnight lows are in the low 30’s and dropping into the high 20’s later next week. If the gods allow it there may be a short window of opportunity to fish the river before the cold nights set back in. I wonder what other anglers are contemplating the same thing? A lot? Should I think about a less known spot if the window opens? Should I prep my boat for a short float? Is there a hole I know that could produce at least one fish to satiate my complete desire to catch a trout? There is and its soaking up my thoughts as I watch the river intently.

An opportunity to fish in January is something to cherish really. Most of the time the river is a slushy trout flavored death trap. Ice chunks, bitter cold, snowstorms, and sleepy fish are all that usually greet the angler on the gray and white days of winter. This is my 10th January on this river. Could be one that goes by like any other. Or maybe it might get a day or two of surprisingly decent fishing.

The truth about fishing in January, in most cases, is cabin fevered anglers, anxiously waiting for the next 40 to 60 days to pass. Tying fervently or torturing themselves by watching fly fishing videos from New Zealand and Argentina.



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