So the river is going to have a window of fishable goodness this week and I am prepping for some good old January fly fishing. Instead of breaking out the drift boat this weekend like everyone else. I’m taking my usual two weekdays off from the day job to visit some faithful “secret” winter holes I have had the pleasure of discovering early on.

Tying flies and searching for the warmest socks I own, while anxiously thinking about which places to visit and what techniques I should use. I’ve been watching the flows and water temps every few hours. Things are looking pretty good. Grab the streamers, the sink tip, some trusty nymphs and the thermal underpants and hit the river if you get a chance. I know of a few anglers just itching for some time on the river. Okay, more than a few, I’m hoping to beat the madness, if there actually is any, with some early week fishing and an early report for the weekenders since I’ll be in the office.

Till I’m off the river,



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