Chasin’ Trout Short

 It’s the offseason. I’ll be tying, hanging out with my kids being a dad, and working on a new short film project titled “Craft”.  This is a little short I made dinking around today. Look for a full length episode as part of a 4 Part Feature on the “Craft” of fly fishing around Thanksgiving. 

The Short Film “Craft” will touch on the loss of art in fly fishing in today’s world, but focus on where art and craft are very much alive with a particular lonely, solitary angler and the people he meets and those that share in the craft of this fine angling method and sport. The first episode due to show up around Thanksgiving titled “Craft…A Fly”.   

This isn’t for money or anything like that. This is a project that has been eating at me artistically for years and I’ve finally got the drive and ability to start. The entire film will be shot with an IPhone 6S+ and GoPro and edited with mobile app video editing software. I’ll even have some behind the scene stuff on Facebook.  Hell you might even find yourself in the film!   

Once it’s completed sometime next Fall I hope to submit it to some film festivals and put it in the web for people to enjoy and learn more about fly fishing. There will be conservation undertones but this film is about the art that goes into so many facets of fly fishing and the pursuit of honing those skills.  A focus on the art form that is lost in mass produced flies, super fast rods, the ever so popular hero shot, and the general mass marketing, popular culture that is now engrained in the sport of fly fishing.  

Swing by the Facebook for more updates as we move through the offseason. 



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