Support Your Local Fly Tyer

It’s the offseason which means it’s tying season. I tie 80% of the flies I use for trips and I also sell select patterns every off season. Fill your box with flies you can’t get in a shop and that aren’t tied overseas by people who haven’t even fished for trout.

I will add more photos and prices of flies as they become available. 

Articulated Foxtail Sculpin Size 6

$6.50 per fly. (Plus tax)   

This articulated chunk of meat is a big streamer meant for big trout. The head is tied with Arctic Fox Tail hair hence the name. With 4 big saddle feathers and the articulated tail this fly has a lot of action with just the right amount of flash to entice big takes and chases. The fly is weighted but is most effective on a sink tip. Swing or strip, this fly is a big tasty piece of awesome for the larger trouts that like to eat food that swims. Get yours before early spring when streamer fishing can be at its best!


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