River Update 


The start of the season has been fantastic. The fishing has slowed as the weather has caused the snow to start melting. There a few stretches that are unaffected still up high but they will succumb to irrigation and the dams will begin spilling water into the system. This will make the river cold, and high, for a few days. The trout will take some time to settle down along with the water.  They are also spawny right now so they are focused on making us some baby troots for the coming seasons. 

Please be careful where you drop anchor and where you walk. Don’t tread on Redd! 

March Browns are upon us. Skwallas are still hanging around but it’s tailing off now. Drakes in the upper along with the best damn mayfly hatch this river has to offer with March Browns. It should be epic. Just like last year. And with the good snow pack it should be amazeballs. Plus salmon flies and Caddis are coming up. 

I’ll be taking trips for April days that are still available once the river calms down, probably mid week to the weekend. 

Give me a call. March Browns are my favorite hatch and the upper river is the place for mayfly dry fly fishing.  


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