River Update 4/3/16

Took one last trip today before taking a few days off to tie up some flies, do some TU stuff, and rest my trouty brain. River has come up above the Teanaway but it is holding for now. Irrigation has started and will ramp up this week. The snow melt is in full swing as well and the Teanaway is sitting above 1600 cfs and fluctuating close to 2000 on the warm days. 

The fish are spawning. So that isn’t helping with the fishing. Our trout get focused on making baby troots and that’s good because we are expecting a great spawn this season with the zero drought conditions. 

We should see the population increase over the next few seasons because of this. 

As the river settles down over the next week and the trout finish their business, fishing is going to get stupid. March Browns are just starting. And when these fish get reset after all the funkiness they will be wicked HANGRY. 

Water temps are rising to 50 during the day. Once the system gets flooded with cold melt water that will take a little bit to rise back up as well. Skwallas seem to be almost done, as are BWOs. Short but sweet as always. March Browns are some serious business on this river. So it’s gonna be wicked fun here really soon. Streamers are starting to work more, and we have salmon flies and Caddis coming up. Don’t forget Drakes in the upper!  

The river is poised for awesomeness and epic trout chasing days. The calendar is filling up so give me a call and let’s go chase some wild Yakima troots!


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