River Update 4/12/16

River Update:

Salmon Fly McTwitchy

The Teanaway is on the drop for now. It should be below 1000 cfs by morning. The lower temps are slowing down the runoff. 

It has started raining this evening. Which is much needed. Rain will help move this run off along and bring more nutrients and cold water to the system. We are currently running above summer flows right now and there is still a lot of snow pack up in the mountains. 
Reservoirs are all but full and there is currently: 1400 cfs coming over the Cle Elum dam, 1100 cfs coming over Keechelus, 1000 cfs of the main stem of the Yakima and feeder creeks such as Big and Little, and you have a wicked fast flow!
The Yakima at Cle Elum is currently 3400 cfs and has been for the past 3 days. Water temps are hovering between 43-46. Consistency with flows and temps, even when the river is high, is always a good thing.  
Trips are on a wait and see basis. Short windows of opportunity will arise here and there. Don’t worry, I’ll let ya know when they show up. We should be at a nice consistent flow within the next 10 to 14 days. 
Currently we have March Browns starting. Green and Grey Drakes will be thrown in there. A few areas of the upper have really sweet drake hatches. Salmon fly nymphs have been cruising around the system for a few days being kicked up by the higher flows. Big Salmon Flies will start hatching soon along with Caddis.  
Higher flows and consistent temps 45 and above mean trout gotta eat…a lot. And when big bugs show up…things get rowdy. With big flows forecasted for the majority of the season I expect some wicked awesome eats on mayflies and big dries as the season moves forward. 
My May calendar is filling up already and I start offering overnight trips soon! Call and reserve dates!



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