River Update 4/13/16

River update 4/13/16:

The MBs have started. Hatch came off around 1:15 and lasted about an hour today. As the days go by that will get bigger and longer with trout keying in on it. 
Fish were looking up today. It wasn’t a mayfly feeding bonanza but they are looking up and smacking mayfly dries. 
The nymph game was strong today. With big fish eating big nymphs. 
The water is around 3300 cfs and holding at around 45 degrees. The fish are everywhere. I found them in seams, eddies, fast water, shallow water, deep water, and for the love of trouts the side channels are filled with them! The slower water seems to hold all the whitefish I found more trout in the faster stuff actively feeding. 
Fish have a lot of current to play with so I lost a fair share of the fish I hooked into today. Lots of jumping and running. Throw 3x for your nymphs big fish like to snap 4x in fast water.
The river below the Teanaway should be back in shape by the weekend. But that all depends on the runoff. The LC and farmlands areas are still probably a no go until next week. The upper is very fast and very high, so if you’re thinking of floating be prepared for big water. 
The calendar is filling up quick. I’ve got Sunday this weekend still open. Next week we have more consistent weather coming in with lower temps and cloud cover with a side of showers…more mayfly weather!  


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