River Update 4/17/16

The river is blown again. Whole thing. More releases from the dam to make room for the snow melt coming into the reservoirs has begun, and the Teanaway is on the rise again with the warmer air temps. 

We had a small window. For a few days this week. Might get lucky with another one here soon. 

I’ll be exploring some other trout options this week invading some west side of the mountain streams and a few lakes. 

For those looking for a fishing option; there is always the Columbia Basin lakes and bass lakes as well as Rocky Ford and Crab Creek. There are a lot of small water systems in the Columbia Basin that have trout and bass. I grew up over there and have fished a lot of it. I like the trees more than the sagebrush so I don’t find myself over there too much but I can answer all your questions and point you in the right direction for something to sling flies to.  Did I mention chasing the Bronze Bonefish?!  Carp fishing on the fly can also be really fun. 

Hope to see ya riverside soon!


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