River Report May 22 

River Update 5/22/16:
Is it April? Cause the weather sure seems to think so!  

Before all the rains hit

Fishing was slower today but we hit the upper upper, upriver of Cle Elum, and it was windy and rained a bunch. Was a good call though. We had the river to ourselves all day and we were able to tuck out of the wind. Fish were light lipping nymphs and we rose a few fish with dries but they all gave us the finger and refused flies no matter what we threw at em. Picky picky trout. 

Apparently the lower river blew out a bit below Wilson Creek due to rain. Should calm down by Tuesday. The upper river near Cle Elum had a few more boats down it than normal today which is why I decided on upper upper river today. We need some consistency with the weather and fishing will really pic up.  

The Upper Yakima River

We are also in transition between hatches and fish are post spawn so they are a little tuckered out. We’ve got into a lot of post spawn fish this past week and we have been extra careful with how we play them and release them. These fish gave us the best gift ever…more trout, so take care of them while they recover. 

Wild Yakima Rainbow

Here in the next week we will see the river come alive with hatches again. Weather is shifting back, some consistency finally, and that will bring back Caddis, we have PMDs just waiting to pop, we’ve got golden and yellow sallie stoneflies poised for awesomeness, and there are green drakes on the way! My personal favorite and I know all the good spots for them in the upper!  

The Teanaway River (Middle Fork)

We also have the tribs opening June 4th. Teanaway, Cle Elum, and Cooper rivers all open. I will be guiding the Teanaway River this season. Talk about great wet wading!

Fishing is good and only getting better. I’ve still got the 26th, 27th, and 31st open in May and I have dates open in June! Give me a call and let’s go chase some trout.


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